Summer Salad That You Need To Make.

Who doesn’t love a bowl of salad during the summer. A bright and fresh salad can be as filling and enjoyable as a classic bowl of tuna and sweetcorn pasta.

As we are digging back out our sandals and putting away the raincoats – cos it turns out that summer is over just yet – which now means an adjustment to the meal prepping schedule too. Yes, you heard correctly you can hold off on the comfort, autumal food. The picnic and BBQ season isn’t over until i say it’s over! Even though you may not be holidaying it up in sunny Ibiza or Los Angeles this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t look for inspo for your dinners straight from the plates of your fave A listers.

vegetable salad

vegetable salad on brown wooden bowl

Salad, Fresh, Healthy, Green, Diet, Vegetable

vegetable salad on blue ceramic plate

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What’s your favourite summer salad?

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