My Summer Wardrobe Favorites

Winter has seen have been going on what seems like forever. As one minute it feels like summer, the next the winter. Plz, is there any chance for a little consistency, cos i’m so over it being cold and wet!

But let’s move on from talking about the negativity of how unpredictable the British weather can be,  and instead to one to talk about a few of my favourite tips and tricks for when it comes to that awkward situation of am I hot, am I cold or it is going to rain?!

For me I’m all about layers, more the better [You can never have too many layers.]  I first start with is summer, then autumn in the middle and finish off with winter.

Enough, with my not so funny jokes….layer are a great thing. Especially with how unpredictable the British can be. I’m all for mid to long sleeved t-shirt with shorts or short to mid sleeved t-shirt with jeans; both paired with cardigan/light weight jacket [e.g. causal blazer]. But I think for now,  I will just stick with jeans, t-shirt and a jacket.

I would love new outfits and to see if i can get myself out of my comfort zone. What’s your favourite piece from your summer wardrobe?

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