My Superdrug Shopping Spree

It’s been been a while since I went to superdrug. So here is a few new beauty purchases that i made from my superdrug shopping spree. I thought it would be a great time to show you what i got, liked and would i buy them again! 

Every so often i love to have a really chilled out evening, consisting of a face mask and a movie bed. There are lots of different face masks and finding the good one for oily skin can be hard. So here are a few of my new purchases of face masks.

Superdrug Fruit Sorbet Antioxidant Peel-off Mask

If your on a budget, but still wants a face mask that helps to protect and revitalise skin. Then i would really recommend you trying this product. What i love the most is the fruity smell and that it’s really easy and gentle, when the mask is ready to be peeled off.

Superdrug Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask

This face mask it is a dead sea clay mask that contains witch hazel and willow bark extract, which deeply cleanse pores, removes dirt and impurities. The mask also has a lemon smell as well as being ideal for oily and blemish prone skin.

Superdrug Black Seaweed Peel-off Mask

Another face mask that i love. This one is a deep cleansing and detox mask – it contains laver seaweed and sea buckthorn and is idea for oily skin. And just like the other that I’ve previously mention, it’s really easy and gentle to peel-off and remove. 

Radox Shower Mousse

Over the past couple of months I have being using ‘Radox Shower Mousse’ range. There 3 IN 1 shower mousse – shower, shave and smells lovely! It comes in 3 different scents, Mango & Mandarin, Apple Blossom & Cranberry and Blood Orange & Ginger. My fav is by far the Apple Blossom & Cranberry scent and i really love the fresh scent and how soft your feel after every shower.

Bio Oil

For the last couple of years, i have been applying bio oil on to my old scars twice a day. I have really noticed an improvement in the appearance of my skin. My scars have definitely become far less  noticeable. Another good thing about bio oil, it’s also great for improving the appearance of uneven skin tone, aging, dehydrated skin and stretch marks.

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