Five Of My Favourite Blazers

I love blazer like jackets. I like that you can wear a blazer at both day and night. So i thought that in today’s post, i would go ahead share five of my favourite go-to blazers. 

Newlook Floral Kimono

Let’s start off with one of my ‘go-to’ faves. What i love most about this blazer, is it’s  floral design and  detailing. It’s also really comfy, light weight and a good option for the beach. This floral design makes for a great wardrobe staple. A very nice piece that can make a plain, simple outfit look stylish and versatile 

Blue Vanilla Butterfly Waterfall Blazer Jack

Okay, so here’s another light weight blazer jackets. I love. how simple and elegant it looks. It has gold zip effect on the shoulder and butterfly print. The jacket is also prefect for turning a day outfit into a night outfit!

Quiz Navy Blue Lace Blazer

For a more smarter look, this style blazer is a good choice and  a nice wardrobe staple piece. I often wear it with a pair of pale blue jeans and ballet pumps or sandals. So i perfect addition for a more basic outfit!

Quiz Royal Blue Blazer

I love this blazer and the colour and i like how simple but stylish it looks. So may be think that’s it’s little tricky colour to pair an outfit with. But I’ve actually found it to be the quite the opposite. So if your like me and find it hard to venture away from basic colours like; blacks, whites and blues, then this is a great statement piece to begin with.

There’s not really much to say about a plain black blazer. It’s probably one of the most easiest style and it can really go with anything – whether it’s a pair of jeans to work styled trousers.

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