My Winter Skincare Must-Haves.

Oh, hey! Looking for new skincare product to kept your skin hydrated? Now that winter is well and truly here, trying to ensure that my skin stays hydrated and moisturised, to be a little hard. So in today’s post, i though i would talk about, what skincare products i’m using on my skin during those cold winter days.

I love a good face mask. When i received this oh K! Bubble Sheet Mask in my december birchbox, i found the mask to be like no other! When placed the mask on your face, it’s unique formula reacts with the oxygen in the air and  tiny bubbles are formed. It results in a funny, foamy face and a soft, radiant complexion.

Wanting a post-bath moisturiser? That contains natural ingredients? And isn’t just another cream? Since using “NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Or” dry oil, i’ve found it to be a great alternative from the usual body creams. This is definitely my new fave atm. I love how versatile the products is, as you can be used on both your face, body and hair. Plus, 98% of the ingredient are also nature-devised. Win, win!

But if you prefer a sheet mask that hydrates thirsty skin, that’s dry dll and dehydrated. The “Simple Hydrating Sheet Mask” contours with the face and acts as second skin. This sheet mask is formulated with minerals and plant extracts; that have all been inspired by asian beauty rituals – it quenches thirsty skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, as well looking soft and dewy.

We’ve all have them days, where we just can’t bring ourselves to apply a full face of makeup. So after discovering this multitasking BB cream a few weeks ago – and have been wearing it everyday since. I really do love how it leaves skin complexion, dewy and smooth, all with minimal effort. Also it’s great for hydrating your skin, evening out uneven skin tone, controlling shine and help your look radiant. 

Some moisturises can either make your skin feel oily or only stay on your skin for a short period of time. “The Ritual Of Ayurveda balancing body cream” formula, that consists of indian rose and himalayan honey is great for keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised throughout the day, without making your skin feel over oily.

Do you have any winter faves? What are your winter must ~ haves? 


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