Live More, Worry Less.

I really don’t know where to start with today’s post. But recently i’ve been want to start caring less & feeling so more confident within myself.  So of your may already know, I’ll take comfort over anything, especially those sunday outfits that you can just throw on and allow you to eat all your food and don’t have to undo the trouser button!

Even thought i love comfort, i have alway felt that “oversized” or “baggy” clothing will make me look as if i am wearing something 10 sizes to big or make me feel uncomfortable or self-conscious…

Welll, i’m saying no more. I think since i’ve been in my 20’s, i’m so more comfortable in my skin. I fine it so much more enjoyable to wear a pair of jeans without having thousands of voices running through your head, about the way i look. For someone who’s petite, baggy, oversized sweatshirts can make you feel confident. Trust me.

Have you recently purchased something that makes you feel more confident? If so, what it is?



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