How To Stay Organised?

Want to be a more organised? Find it hard to know where to start? I alway try to keeping myself organised, especially when life gets super hectic, but finding quick and easy ways to stay organised can be a little difficulty. Through allowing ongoing projects to pile up or your to-do-list to become messy could cause extra stress – that could end up affecting other parts of your life.

Take notes: We all know someone, who can remember everyones birthdays, sends cards for every  occasions and also remembers every upcoming events. Unfortunately, i have never being able to rely on my brain alone. this is where i find a pen and notebook to comes in very handy. Cos if i tried to remember dates or information with just my head, it would further complicate my life.

Set goal and achieve deadlines: In order to stay organised, you must ensure your  using your time wisely. Cos by keeping things organised, can actually help you to stay productive, plus it makes it so much more easier to hit those deadlines and other goals that you’ve set yourself. But most importantly your must stick to a manageable schedule that ideal for you. Also by similarly living a clutter free lifestyle, can decreased stress levels and leaves you feeling much more happier and fulfilled. Life is far to short, so make every second count and do what matters the most to you.

Stop procrastinating: If you want your life to less stressful and demanding, then try and start organising asap. Why wait? Procrastinate about something isn’t alway the best option. The longer you wait, the harder it might be to get done. By putting a little effort into things done, sooner rather than later can eventually end up lightening you work load.

Organise regularly: By regularly organising your stuff; whether it’s your important documents or just your daily to-do lists, knowing where you things are can make it a lot easier to find them. But in order to keep yourself organised, you must use your spare time wisely. As unfortunately, nothing ever stays organised on it’s own.

Work hard: If your wanting to stay organised, then a little bit of hard work is a must. Cos unfortunately, living a clutter-free lifestyle isn’t an easy. But, by staying on top of organising your stuff, it will eventually become second nature and a part of you daily routine!

What are your top tips, that makes it easier to live a clutter-free lifestyle? And do you have a daily schedule, in order to stay organised? As i would love you know your thoughts and opinions xx

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