Period Swimwear Exist And It’s Revolutionary. Here’s The Best Style For Leak-Proof Dips

Period swimwear is the latest thing to happen in the world of reusable period protection, and if you’ve ever tried out the period pants then you’ll be aware of the life-changing powers of period products that don’t that awkward public toilet tampon/pad changes (or even more plastic pollution), but the wonderful magic doesn’t stop there…. as you’ll be happy to know that the leak-proof swimwear is here to bring the same sorcery to your holiday this summer.

How annoying is it when you get your period just as you have plans to relax by the poolside or on the beach, but of course mother nature knew about your plan but still had to intervene? ‘ Coming on’ has been the quickest way to ruin any sun-drenched dip in the pool, with tampons and sanitary towels not really cutting it and menstrual cups are still proving dissatisfactory underwater, too. Up until now, it has been so much easier to just throw in the beach towel and wait to finish menstruating – but period-proof swim bottoms are here to save your day.

It’s now official… you don’t have to wait for mother nature anymore, as you can take a dip without having to worry about any leak surprises or visible Tampax strings.

How does period swimwear exactly work?

You may first be thinking, ‘Does the swimwear work the same way as period pants?’. Well, the answer is yes – the super-absorbent lining prevents the need for tampons, pads or cups in and around the water by absorbing period blood and keeping you clean and dry.

Whether you prefer, bikinis or a one-piece swimming costume they are both designed for light to moderate flows, so they are better used at the beginning or end of your cycle (unless you are the lucky ones who don’t tend to bleed heavily at all). They’re pants really easy to clean as well as you just need to pop them in for a quick dark machine wash after rinsing them out and let them air dry, then you’re ready to go ahead the next day.

And as for style?! There’s a tone to choose from – this includes period swimsuits and period bikini briefs which come with matching bikini tops.

High Absorbency Period Bikini Knickers £8.40

High Absorbency Period Bikini Knickers £8.40

Swimwear Recycled Hi-Waisted Bikini Brief £31.50

Swimwear Recycled One Piece £65.50

Swimwear Recycled Bikini Brief £28.50

Light-Moderate Absorbency Recycled Swimwear One Piece £51

Frequently Asked Questions…

Does period swimwear really work? – Period swimwear technology seals in the leaks, meaning for light period days or back up with a tampon or a menstrual cup when your flow is at it’s heaviest. Giving you some peace of mind and beach days…yes please!

Do you need to wear a tampon or menstural cup as an additional protection? – When your flow is at it’s heaviest, you may want a little extra peace of mind when your are hitting the beach. However, when your flow is lighter then there is no need for any additional protection.

Have you ever worn period swimwear? If you have, feel free to tell me your experience in the comment below. I would like to know.

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