Styling Your Home For Spring

Spring wreath

Wreath aren’t just for Christmas! Every season, there comes with new opportunity to style you home in accordance with the seasons and adding in a decorative wreath – much like daffodils or tulips – can offer a quick way to introduce nature into your living space. 

Whether you go all out with Easter theme, or simply style a fresh wreath tulips and foliage, either one with be prefect for welcoming guests. Who doesn’t like a well-dressed front door?!

Switch up your home fragrance

Out with the old in with the new! Whilst winter is all about the comforting spices and warming ouds, spring on the other hand inspires us to scent our homes with fresh and uplifting fragrances that motivate and energise us – a fresh scented candle is equivalent of going on a brisk walk to blow the cobwebs away.

Bring the great outdoor inside

Nature really does know how to show off in spring. With daffodils, tulips and hyacinths are particularly fragrant and aesthetically pleasing, especially bunched up in a vase and placed on the kitchen counter, or as a centerpiece on you easter dining table. The house plant trend isn’t going anywhere, so why not go a head and create you very own spring sanctuary.  

Pops of pastel

Why not breathe new life into your living space with pastel accents and a sprinkling of pattern. Mirror the colours of spring with vibrant greens, yellows, blues and soft pastels. Now is the time to shake up tired and stuffy colour palette. Do you have decorative plate that are hibernating at the back of a cupboard somewhere that you have forgotten about, display them on open-shelving/cabinetry. 

Creating space 

After we have lapped up the comforts of hygge season, we often feel the need to clear out, refresh and rearrange our living space to reflect the shift in seasons and the summer days ahead. Bring calm to your home by organising you cupboards an drawers, de-cluttering you bedside table and lightening your bookshelves. Embrace the space! In need of some motivation to get your place looking tidy? Read my Spring cleaning tips here.

Natural textures

Add some vacation vibes with natural materials and a aesthetically pleasing style into your living space. Introduce bamboo, wood or seagrass textures for a neutral palette. Wicker baskets are functional and stylish storage pieces for either your hallway or lounge. 

Introduce lighter fabrics

To create a calm and airy feel by changing up you heavy winter bedding for a crisp whites or ditsy floral prints. Make sure to go for light breathable fabrics on your bedding, switch out the heavy blankets for cotton throws in the lounge and cotton tables cloths for the kitchen. This season is for letting go of unnecessary layers!

If you prefer letting the light flood through the curtains in the morning, then opt for sheer curtains for Moroccan vacation dreamy feel.  

Do you style for spring? How do you style you living space? I’d love to hear your best tips!

Magee 1866

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