10 Halloween Party Game That Are Great For The Kids [+Adult] To Enjoy

Is it even a party if you aren’t one or two activities? Are you looking for some Halloween party games inspo, I would firstly recommend something that has simple rules and also gets a group of people moving. So whether your Halloween party attendees varied in age groups – little ones, older kids, adolescence, or big kids [adults], there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Here are 10 Halloween party games that are great and enjoyable:

Eyeball pong

The game is played like beer pong but just without alcohol for the kids- of course! But you can include for the adults. They will have fun taking turns bouncing the eyeballs on the table and trying to get them into the cups. If the balls land in the middle cup, you instantly win.

Bobbing For Apples

A classic autumn activity worthy of an upgrade by swapping the good old fashion glass mixing bowl for a life-size witches cauldron.

Doughnuts on a String

Love doughnuts? This family part game will make for lots of laughs and funny photos. Both kids and adults have to hold back on using their hands to retrieve the doughnuts from a string.

Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling

You will only have to sacrifice 10 toilet rolls and convert them into ghoulish bowling pins and cut the steam off the pumpkin, then you are good to bowl = the perfect festive ball!

Sweet-Filled Ballon Pumpkins

Similar to pinatas, these cute-looking balloons are packed with sweet treats and ready to be busted open. The little ones can either take turns popping the pumpkins or can take them home as party favours.

Pin the Spider on the Web

A Halloween twists on the classic pin the tail of the donkey, but in this case, you’ll be pinning the spider on the web. It would take that long to set up – simply print off a copy of a spider web, a little spider and a little bit of tape.

Can You Guess The Sweet

Challenge your guest to this game of chance. This will satisfy the winner’s sweet tooth with the whole jar of sweets

“Feed the Monster” Halloween Game

This can be a two-in-one – Halloween decoration and a fun game. It’s easy to make and is so much fun to play, also the monster can double up as a cute decoration that will for sure stand out.

Murder Mystery

Probably the perfect time of the year to play this game. Simply, set the (crime) scene and display a clock, then let the countdown begin. Unfortunately one of your party guest has their demise, and now it’s up to the member of the crew to solve this awful mystery.

Halloween Heads Up

First, have each player jot down a Halloween word of their choice post-it note. Then watch (and be entertained) when everyone grabs a word from a pile with their eyes closed and takes a shot at guessing what the word is, with some clues provided.

Having a Halloween party? What games do you love and enjoy playing? Share them in the comments below

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