Things You Wish You Were Told Before You Started Your First Period

Are you or a loved one due to have their first period? Whether you are wanting to know your PMS symptons or understanding what your period blood is telling you – periods in general can be quite difficult to navigate (i know that first hand), especially when it’s your first one! I don’t want you be scared, but you might find that you first experience migth be alittle unexpected and messy, just like my was and that’s completely okay. 

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1. Don’t Stress, Your Periods Won’t Last Forever.

“I used to believe that once you’ve started your period, then that would be it – you’ll be bleeding everyday until menopause”

Don’t worry, that is untrue! The average period length is between 2 to 7 days, althought it can vary from person. Your period is just one small part of a longer cycle, which is usually around 28 days long. The other pharses of the cycle doesn’t involove bleeding.

2. PMS Can Be A Very Useful Tool.

“After my first period, i was so terrified that is could arrive at any given time and the i wouldn’t be prepared, i really thought have to end up wearing a pad all month, just case. I bloody (a bit ironic in this post, aint it) wished i knew that there are some indications, as to when your period may start.”

When you are nearing the time to when your due on, there’s likely to be a slight change with your body and mood, this will siginal that your period is coming – this is called Pre-Mestural Syndrone (PMS). Please don’t feel scared or worried, because it’s perfectly normal – it just might mean that you may feel alittle more irrated at things that wouldn’t have otherwised bothered you normally. PMS signs can included; dull abdominal and lower back pain, a feeling of fatigue, a larger appetite, a change in discharge, spotting and a general feeling that your not yourself and that your period may be about to arrive. 

A little tip that might help to avoid you from getting caught out is to wear a panty line when you start noticing changes or just feel like your period is about to start. Remember, turst your insicts. 

3. You CAN Swim During Your Period 

“Oh, how i wished that i had of known that you can swim during my period. I used to swim for a club when i was younger, which i loved but ended up missing out alot whenever i was on my period.”

Yes, yes, yes! You have read that right, you can still go swimming whilst your on. Now you’ll never have to miss a change to show off your beautiful, spalash-free drives again. (Well may be not atm for obvious reasons, but after lockdown you can. 

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4. Irregularity Is Perfectly Normal

” When i first started at 14, i can remember thinking that i was normal because i didn;t get my period exactly every 28 days like they tell you in magazines or what the school nurses would tell you in sex education.”

It’s totally normal to have irregular periods, especially when you first start. It takes sometime for out bodies to get used to out mestrual cycles, so please don’t be alarmed if at first you find it difficult to keep track of when your last period was and when you next period is due. Other factor like stress, diet and exercise can all play a huge part on the regularity of your period – so it’s a good idea to keep tracki of how you’re feeling in yourself with a period tracker app.

I used the app Clue – there’s a free and paid version. I just use the free version. It’s a great tool for enabling me to:

  • Track when my period as to when they are due to start
  • What my emotions are – PMS, happy, sad, sensitive, How many hour i’ve slept
  • My energy levels – energized, happy, low, high
  • What sort of pain i have suffered – cramps, headaches, trender breast, ovulation
  • How long my period lasted. It also tells you when you next period will most likely to be.
  • The length of you mestrual cycle, there are lot more other features, but i’ll end up be here all day. 

You don’t just have to use it for tracking your periods, you can also use it to keep track on your pregnancy process too. 

5.  Period Leaks Do Happen, And It’s Okay!

“Oh, i don’t wish someone had told me just how much of a crime scene, i’ll be waking up to after leaking.”

Leaking bloody during the night is far more common then you might think. You might find it will probably happen a lot more when your new to periods, as you still getting to grips with it all! It can be really annoying, especially when your leaking onto your favourite pair of pyjamas, but it certainly nthing to be embarresed about.

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6. There’s Nothin To Be Ashmed Of When It Comes To Your Period

You should never feel ashamed or dirty when it comes to your period, as it’s a completely nautral process and can be a reall postive experience that allows you to be more in tune with your body and what it is telling you.

7. Period Related Products Are Completly Down To Personal Choice

It’s simple. It’s your body, your period, your choice!

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