Weekend Away With Family | Warwick

As we explored the charming town of Warwick, my sister, our beloved four-legged friend Bonnie, and I were captivated by its rich history and picturesque landscapes. From ancient castles to quaint streets, Warwick offers a delightful blend of old-world charm and modern allure. We were thrilled to discover that the town is incredibly dog-friendly, with numerous welcoming pubs and establishments where Bonnie was able to join us on our adventures. Stay tuned for a collection of stunning photos capturing our unforgettable experience in Warwick.

We only stayed there for 2 nights, meaning it was a short and sweet trip, but it was worth every penny We stayed at a hotel just outside Warwick, which also allowed dogs, which was a bonus! The walk from the hotel to Warwick town centre was about 40 minutes.

On our first night, we arrived at the hotel quite late so the nearest place to eat was a McDonald’s. It was a stone throw away from the hotel – it was called me! Since there was a possibility of seeing the Northern Lights, we decided to sit outside and wait to see if we could spot them. To make a long story short, we didn’t end up seeing them – I swear I was the only person on this planet who didn’t know there was a chance of seeing the northern lights the day before. Better luck next time, I guess!

On our first full day in Warwick, we enjoyed a bit of a lie-in and once we were up and ready, we decided to walk into town. The weather was hot and lovely, with the temperature reaching about 24°C, making it one of the hottest days of this year. After a 40-minute walk, we found a beautiful little pub where we ate delicious food and had a few cheeky drinks too! Since the weather was lovely, Bonnie came with us and sat outside.

After finishing up there, we continued to explore the town to find more dog-friendly places to visit. Since it was a Sunday, we were a little short on time because many places closed between 4 and 4:30 pm. We eventually found a lovely park where Bonnie could run off lead for a while and play with her favourite ball.

Afterwards, we found a family-run pub just outside the town centre, where dogs were allowed, which was great! We stayed there for a few hours and had a couple of drinks in the beer garden, as the weather was still hot and nice.

After continuing our walk, we came across another large park with a beautiful river running through the middle and a large fishing lake.

After walking around the park, we began heading back to the hotel. When we were walking back, we walked past Warwick Castle – we could walk around it because they don’t allow dogs, so instead we just took a photo from the outside. We took a few random photos, but have no idea the names of the buildings. They just looked pretty so wanting to capture the moment.

Unfortunately, Bonnie couldn’t make it all the way home on her little leg, so I had to carry her the rest of the way – may I add that my arm was killing me when we finally got back to the hotel. And then the next day we had a bit of a lay-in and didn’t end up doing much apart from packing up the car and heading back home.

Look how cute Bonnie looks, while lying in the middle of the path sunbathing!

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