Weekly Wants: Dewy Skin Picks And Tips

With spring being in full swing, all of you guys are probably looking forward to glowing skin and minimum makeup. Now’s the time to prefect your skincare routine and start to love your skin again.

From thirst-quenching lotions to brightening vitamins C serums, these products will both lighten up your bathroom shelves and your complexions!

When my skin is in need of a little thirst quenching, drink more water (my number one tip and it’s very important) sometimes when I’m not drinking enough, my face looks less plump and more dry. It’s usually the first sign that I’m getting dehydrated. I reach for all my hydrating face masks, I’ve listed a few favourites below. I really like to use vitamin C serum, I feel it really brightens up my complexion. Also when it comes to makeup, using CC cream can really bring your face to life, alongside other cream products.

What is favourite skincare products?

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