Hate The Pesky Dry Skin On Your Feet? Here’s How to Get Rid Of It

Hate the pesky dry skin on your feet? Now that spring is in full swing, I hope you aren’t whiling away the evening trying to shift the pesky dry skin with a foot file, before heading down to the pub and savouring a sweet glass of rose. But until then, complete your outstanding Netflix watch list and give your hoofs a good looking too.

I’m aware that this isn’t the most glamorous topic, but cracked feet are more common as usually given your feet some care is the last on the pecking order, way behind skincare, hair care and overall body care. So there is no surprise that the sole of our feet is in desperate need of some TLC. Here are some at-home remedies and how you can swap scaly skin for soft soles.

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What is the best way to remove dead skin from feet?

There is a fineline between how much is ideal to be take off and over doing – removing too much skin – because they have scrub far too hard. I would recommend using an electric foot file, as you have so much more control which the amount of pressure you’re using, but you don’t have one then a foot file [resembles sandpaper on a stick] will be prefect too.

Why does the skin the heels crack?

There are various reasons why the skin on the heels cracks, but one of the main reasons why cracked heels develop is due to a mixture of dryness and pressure – if you spend a lot of time indoors and the heating is on, then the texture of the skin will become a little dryer, which can often lead to cracks.

Also wearing open-back shoes during the summer months may cause the skin to crack as your bare heels are always hitting the back of the shoe, causing a lot of pressure and then cracks at the same time. Lack of vitamins in your diet such as; iron and zinc can play a part in cracked heels too – skin and hair are very much made up of the same chemical components and iron and zinc play important roles in hair and skin regeneration and repair.

The most common mistake people making when taking care of their feet?

Probably the most common mistake is when it comes to cutting toenails, as people tend to cut them far too short – causing them to become sore. Another one is people going too far at trying to get rid of hard skin like cutting it – which you shouldn’t do.

Tips on how to get rid of dry skin…..

To get rid of the pesky dry skin on your feet, use a foot file but only on dry feet and never on wet feet. This is because when the skin is wet, it tends to become rubbery, making it harder to buffer the dry skin away. First, place down a piece of kitchen towel or newspaper on the floor, then get great pleasure in seeing white powdery hard skinrubbed off your feet. Then after, give them both a good soak.

At-home dry skin remedies……

First, soak your feet in warm water – just warm enough so that you won’t get frostbite – and choose something that you have at home, like; lemon or salt. Just need 2 tbsp of sea salt, mixed with a drizzle of olive oil and a few drops of essential oil like; lavender or tea tree. Then, apply the scrub mixture onto your feet, place two plastic bags over and tie them around the ankles – it is a great way to hydrate your feet and remove dead skin cells. Plus it will feel like a treat too!


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