Gardening For Your Mental Health

It’s not called the great outdoors for nothing! In the current technologically driven world, we have never been so divorced from nature, cos unplugging from your devices and the hustle and bustle of digital noise has never been so important. 

It doesn’t always mean we have to head off into the depths of the forest to get our happiness fix though! You can nurture your mental health from your very own back garden. Yep that’s right, I’m talking about getting out in the garden and flexing those green fingers!

The benefits from gardening go far beyond making your grass greener. Tending to your outdoor spaces fosters our deep-rooted connection with the earth, creating a sense of order and calm in our lives through observing nature and the cycle of seasons. This is a valuable source of relaxation that gets us out of our heads and into the present moment. 


Gardening can become a positive habit to build into your day much like hitting the gym. Raking, digging and weeding gets your muscles moving and endorphins flying. If your feeling unmotivated, a productive hour in the garden can provide an effective workout while putting minimal stress on the body. 


Gardening is a natural stress-reliever, while it may not be a competitive sport like boxing, taking a trowel to the soil and pushing a lawn mower round the garden certainly helps to let off some steam and calm your mind.

Vitamin D

Sunlight can improve your mood, so when it comes to looking after your mental health, making sure to get outside and lapping up some sunshine is a great way to forget about the stresses of daily life and get a dose of the all-important happiness.


A sense of achievement and self worth

By nurturing your very own green space can give you a unique sense of purpose. By putting in some of your time and energy, you get to reap the rewards – whether that’s beautiful scented flowers, home-grown veggies or simply the satisfaction of giving back to nature.

It’s inclusive 

Gardening doesn’t discriminate, young or old. It’s rewards are for everyone. 

It’s a safe space

Plants don’t judge. Simple! For those of you struggling with mental health issues, those simple day to day tasks or socializing with others that most of us take for granted, can be the most overwhelming thing for someone who is struggling. Gardening can be a great way to get outside and channel that nervous energy into something purposeful, motivating and creative. 

Community connections

Working toward a shared goal with others promotes a real sense of community. Mental illness can be extremely isolating and for also for those whole are struggling with confidence issues, meeting new people can be a daunting experience. So joining a communal gardening group can be a great way to nip the fear and discomfort in the bud and connect with like-minded people. 

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