Your 2024 Glow-Up Plan

Now that Christmas is over for 2023, it’s a great time to start thinking about your 2024 glow-up plan. And I don’t mean that you need to start thinking about your big yearly goals; like buying a new house or getting your dream job. So what do I mean by ‘A Glow-Up Plan’?

Well, a glow-up is a physical, mental and emotional transformation for the better, through setting yourself those little goals that are often forgotten about; like improving overall well-being- including mental and physical health. Also, a Glow-up doesn’t have to be planned, they can come naturally with the flow of your lifestyle. They can be gradual or permanent, fast or temporary, it solely depends on how you want to plan out your personal growth.

Glowing up your mind

Create an individual vision board– Creating a vision board is an excellent method to clarify your goals. It is one of the best ways to help you visualize your goals along with all the necessary details. Take your time, make yourself a coffee, and collect images that represent your future self. Remember, the key is in the details. For instance, if you want to manifest a new car, find an image with as much detail as possible to envision your dream car.

Wake up earlier– Taking some time for ourselves can be challenging these days. Whether we have to leave work earlier to avoid traffic or take care of our children, we often prioritize others over our own needs. However, waking up earlier can provide an opportunity to carve out some time for ourselves. This can mean enjoying a peaceful moment sipping coffee while reading a chapter of our favourite book.

No screen time before bed– Using your phone before bed can disrupt your sleep and make it harder to fall asleep, as well as affect the quality of your sleep. To improve your sleep, consider reducing your screen time before bed. You can try using night mode or dimming the brightness on your phone. It may also help to make your bedroom a technology-free zone and establish a bedtime routine.

No phone first thing in the morning– Many of us have the habit of checking our phones right after waking up. It can be quite tempting to do so, but in reality, it can do more harm than good. When you look at your phone, you are bombarded with new messages, emails, reminders, and other notifications that can make you feel stressed and anxious. This can lead to a negative impact on your mental health, so it’s better to avoid the habit of checking your phone first thing in the morning.

Instead of spending countless hours scrolling through social media on your phone, try putting it aside and engaging in other activities that can benefit your mental and physical health. Activities like reading a book, exercising, meditating, journaling, preparing a healthy breakfast, or writing can be a great way to unwind and focus your mind. While it may be challenging to break away from the constant pull of technology, taking some time for yourself can be a refreshing change and can help you feel more balanced and centred.

Always show up as the person you’re becoming- Have you ever heard the saying ‘Always show up as the person you’re becoming’? Essentially, it means that you should imagine the person you want to be in terms of your behaviour, speech, and feelings. By acting like the person you aspire to become, you can trick your brain into thinking that you are already there. This can help you to achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.

Glow up your body

Take a walk outside every day– Make sure to walk outside at least once a day, as fresh air plays a crucial role in keeping you feeling energized and relaxed, which can make a world of difference for your well-being. Also, try opening a window first thing in the morning and then take a walk outside.

Reduce your daily intake of sugar Reducing your daily sugar intake can help to improve your physical, oral and heart health. A little tip: If you are a sugar lover like me, then going cold turkey will be extremely hard, so don’t. Just remember to make small changes that will contribute to overall well-being in a healthier way. You could reduce how many spoons of sugar you usually have in your coffee or even switch your chocolate to a piece of fruit.

Prioritize your sleep and rest time– More often than not, our days tend to get busier as the week goes on, and we sometimes end up working at night, which can compromise our sleep just so we can have more hours into the day. Not having a good night’s sleep can affect so many things in your day-to-day life, like feeling productive, being alert and just feeling overall happier. So make sure to have at least 8 hours of good sleep.

Eat more whole foods– Whole foods include fruits, veg, lean meats, fish, milk, yoghurt, nuts and seeds. All these kinds of foods retain their nutritional content compared to processed foods, so they can help to improve your overall health and provide a stronger immune system.

Work out at least 2 to 3 times a weekI know, I’m aware that working out is hard enough, and put on top of the fact that is just been Christmas and it can take up a lot of time out of your day. You might also find it boring or a chore. Trust me, I get it! I use this same excuse, but you’ve got to move your body. This has got to be the essential part of the whole ‘Glowing up’ transformation. You might be surprised to know that incorporating a workout routine into your life, may be easier than you first think. Instead of pushing yourself into committing to an hour-long workout session, why not try a few short 10-15minute sessions in the morning, lunch break or evening, whenever you can fit it in a gap? And the best part is that it will help you achieve other goals that you may have set yourself.

Drink more water– You may already be aware that drinking plenty of water has so many benefits for your body – contributing to clear skin, flushing toxins and bloating, and keeping hydrated. But are you drinking enough throughout your day? Probably not! Another to remember is that drinking plenty of water can help to stay healthy- a healthier digestive system and a healthy urinary tract.

One of the best ways to get into a habit and also for you to track have much water you are drinking is to always carry around a bottle of water, so you can sip along as your day plays out.

Bear in mind that these are only a few tips and you can pick and choose what you want to include in your own ‘Glow up’ journey. However, whatever you choose just know that you will feel so much better in no time.

Happy New Year and see ya all soon.

Leanne x

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