10 Liquid And Cream Blushes That Will Give You The Ultimate Glow

Whether you are after an effortless dewy, glowy look or want a full glam moment? You always need a good liquid blush that will help to tie everything together. Cos let’s face it, the reign of powdered makeup is coming to an end, as creamy formulas are taking the makeup industry by storm. But what makes a liquid blush better than a traditional powdered blusher? Firstly, a liquid blusher seamlessly melts into the skin without making your face look cakey – giving an instantly freshen-up natural dewy finish.

10 Liquid and Cream Blushes That Will Give You The Ultimate Glow

And that isn’t even the best part, but due to the creamy texture you can easily use your liquid blusher for other purposes – experiment by applying a few drops on your eyelids for a flirty look or add a bit to the lips for a natural blurred effect- it also can save you space in your makeup bag/storage drawers.

Read on to see the 10 best liquid and cream blushers that will fit every budget and desired finsh…

NARS Liquid ‘Dolce Vita’ Blush £27

Revolution Bomb ‘Peach’ Cream Blusher £6

Morphe Cream Blush £12

Elf Putty ‘Tahit’ Blush £6

Maybelline Cheek Heat Water Infused Hydrating Gel Sheer Blusher £7.25

The Organic Pharamacy Sheer Glow Liquid Blush £19

Serge Lutens Blusher Tint Shadow £70

Too Face Peach Bloom Colour Blossoming Lip and Cheek Tint £18

Iconic London ‘Power Pink’ Sheer Blush £18

XXX Revolution ‘Perfection’ Blush Tint £9

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