The One Mistake That We All Make When Blow-drying Our Hair

Blow-drying our hair is one of those mundane takes that we have been doing for pretty much most of our lives, and got used to the way we dry our hair. It’s like sticking a load of laundry on – we don’t give it much thought. But say that, just like we can accidentally shrink our clothes, we can also cause damage to our hair if we continue to blow-dry it without giving it the care and attention that it deserves.

The One Mistake That We All Make When Blow-drying Our Hair

Blow-drying our hair shouldn’t be a struggle or take ages. Follow these 11 quick steps below and you’ll have beautiful hair without the breakages…

  1. Firstly, make sure you use the right equipment for your hair and the style that you want. Flat brushes and round brushes with short sparse bristles are easy to use but don’t give the same control. So if you want smooth waves or frizzy hair then a good, quality round bristle brush is your best choice.
  2. Avoid using concentrator nozzle unless you have thick wavy hair that requires blow-drying smooth quickly. Having too much concentration of heat in your hair can cause more hair damage than anything else.
  3. After you’ve washed your hair, comb thoroughly to take out tangles and then release the roots by combing up and back at 45 degrees from the hairline.
  4. The most important step is preparation, which gets your hair closer to the finished result before brushwork begins. Spray heat protection all over – the ingredients are proven to protect and nourish hair before blow-drying or when air drying.
  5. Use this time to section your hairline around the face as this is the most important part, followed by the tips of the hair and top layer. The least important part is the underneath section of the back – short on time, then don’t waste it on the bits that no one sees.
hair protection
  1. Remember to work cleanly. By taking neat sections that are no wider than a brush and then keeping the rest of the hair out of the way – a helpful tip is to slant sections downwards around the hairline.
  2. For proper control of the roots, lift the sections high at a tangent to the scalp. This technique will help to eliminate snagging and give you tension control without any painful pulling.
  3. When you are blow-drying, make sure to keep a one-inch gap between your hair and the dryer, also keep your dryer in line with your hair, pointing towards the ends.
  4. Ensure that you don’t over dry the sections. If the style isn’t right the first time, then damp your hair and start again – the damage is none when you continue to blow-dry your hair that is already dry. Only dry your hair to about 98% and then allow it to air dry the rest of the way.
  5. If your hair is curly and want to dry it straight then keep the section tight, close and in position when you take the brush away – this will limit the hair absorbing surrounding moisture whilst you are moving to the next section.
  6. Finally, give your hair one last medium heat good blast, to ensure your hair is fully dry, to give a more natural feel and blend to the sections.

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What other step do you take to prevent damaging you hair from heat? Please share all you helpful tips in the comment below…

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