10 Ways To Make The Most Of April 2021

Over the past year, are hair had definitely been to hell and back and as we near the lgith at the end of the tunnel, it deserves this ver long-awaited renaissance. Come on, hurry up 12th april. Get us back in the salon chair. 

More out the way March. April it’s finall your turn. Here is a list of ways to make the most of April ’21!

gold and white box on white textile

  1. Organising to have garden parties every weekend to make up for all thoes shitty virtual birthday’s and anniversary’s that we’ve all had to pretend we have enjoyed. 
  2. Eat your body weight of terr’s chocolate orange mini eggs, you basically identify as free-range now.
  3. Celebrate a whole year of being incapable of setting a work life boundaries.
  4. Start defrosting your social life skills.
  5. Get yourself heavil invested in the heatwave rumours that circulate every April.
  6. Nurse you first propper pub hangover since the summer ’20. Everything really hurts and foreheads everywhere are wanting a change.
  7. Hating your signature trait of getting annoyed at everyone else who fails to help clean the house, but then you get annoyed when they try to help anyways, cos nobody does it like you do it. 
  8. Forget how to make small talk with your hairdresser. You have literally nothing else to give, just a mask that makes it super hard for anyone to hear anything you ever have to say again. (plus, adding a hair dryer into the mix)
  9. Invites are there to be declined. So praise your introvert for living authentically.
  10.  Take photos of blue skies and blossom and post on social media. Cos it’s spring. You have to keep it edgy.

green and brown trees under white sky during daytime

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