High Street Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Spring 2023

Okay, so end of February/ beginning of March might feel like an unusual time or a little too early to be thinking what the high-street fashion trends that will be everywhere this spring, but in fact, yeah we might feel like we’re still in the thick of the darkest depths of winter [thank you UK for the serve cold snap], but you’ll be happy to know that spring is less than a month away. And lucky for you, the fashion industry is always one step ahead – six months ahead to be exact and has staged its spring/summer 2023 runaways and forecast our new season wardrobe before we even give it a thought.

Back to 2022’s obsession with all things, fuchsia is now making way for a softer, pastel take on pink, while black and cobalt blue are set to be the surprise stand-out shades of the season. If you are keen to get ahead start with the spring trends. Then scroll down for your first look at the fashion trends that will take over our wardrobes by spring.

Low-Rise Waists

Flower Power

Candyfloss Pink

Soft-Shade Tailoring

Full-on Fringing


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