Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas

The question “What hairstyle should I have?” clearly stumps us a lot, as around 112 million searches on google for “bridesmaid hair”. The modern bridal trends have seen recent ceremonies become traditional and much more personalised, why basically why, anything goes when it comes to bridal hairstyles and also bridesmaid hairstyles.

Anything from down-dos and updos, to ponytails, braids, plaits and more, there is tons of different styles to suit every ceremony – whether it’s elegant, romantic or relaxed vibes only. The pretty classics, like half-updos are decorated with flowers, cooler styles with plenty of personality, like sleek model buns, cute baby braids and professional looking, super straight ponytails. All of these you count on to last the whole day and look really beautiful without stealing the spotlight off the bride.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite bridesmaid hairstyles to inspire you.


Bridesmaid braid heaven! by Bridal Image Consultant


One of my beautiful bridesmaid from the weekend.


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Bridesmaid half up and half down hairstyle.


Waterfall Braid. One of my favourite halfup styles to create! I used @sexyhair products, For waves i used @hottoolspro curl bar.

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