B. Clay Face Mask

Now that autumn is here, i want to start to take care of my skin a little more. I’m a big fan of face mask. Weather the summer sun is beaming down on us or it’s freezing cold and rainy, you will definitely find me using some kind of face mask at least a week. I love the fresh faced feeling you’re left with after using them and the way they can turn any normal evening into a chilled, pamper on…

I recently came across the brand ‘B.’. I especially love their face masks. Not only are their products lovely, cruelty free and supper affordable, they’re also so friggin awesome at doing what they say they’re gonna do.

There four varieties of the B. Clay Masks; B.Detoxed Clay Face Mask to reduce blemishes and absorb dirt, B. Glowing Clay Face Mask that provides a light exfoliation to give your skin it glow back, B. Purified for pulling out impurities and mattifying an oil complexion and finally, the B. Hydrated Mask, this isn’t a clay mask as it’s aimed at providing hydration and giving your skin a nourishing boost. Even so, i have included as  it’s available in the range and format. You can find all of these products in both travel sized pods £2.99 and full sized pots £6.99.

For about 3 months now i have been using the B. Purified Clay Face Mask and i’m totally obsessed with it, I  use it a least once a week and since using this clay mask, i’ve noticed a huge difference with how my skin looks and feels. It’s a if my skin has been washed a thousand times, therefore left feeling super fresh faced. Containing a rich blended of Kaolin, oil absorbing ingredients and a natural clay that gently absorbs impurities without drying out your skin. The b. Clay Face Mask Pods and Pots are available at Superdrug now.

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