Blimey, it’s been a hot minute since i last written a beauty post. Even thought i’ve been posting blog pretty much twice a week, i’ve  been neglecting the beauty side of things on the blog. But dw that’s all about to change. As has my everyday make up products. Even thought i’ve repurchased a few long time loves, there’s also still been a couple of new welcomed additions, which i thought would be nice for me to share with you guys. But this beauty is gonna have a twist. As this time i won’t be posting one beauty haul where i only share brief info about each products and my opinion. Instead i will be giving each of the beauty there only blog. So over the next three weeks, i will be posting five individual blogs.

Starting from today….So i will be kicking off this beauty segment with a new welcomed addition to my everyday make up bag, the ‘GOSH BB Cream’. 

Okay so this ‘BB Cream’ is driving me a little crazy, as I can’t decide whether or not I’m a fan of this product. To be honest, I’ve never really found the need to include a BB Cream into my makeup routine, even though I’ve heard that they can be a great alternative from using a heavy coverage foundation, but still able to achieve that natural, dewy glow.

But unfortunately, I find that this BB Cream is a little pale for my skin tone, which to be honest is my fault… I will have to repurchase it before I say that I 100% don’t like it. Anyways, even though this BB Cream isn’t a firm favourite of mine just yet, there are still a few things that I do love about this product. Let’s just start with how much I LOVE the fact that it’s not only a tinted moisturiser – which I like, as for me remembering to apply moisturising cream before applying my make up isn’t always possible…As I’m either in a rush, completely forget or remember once I’ve already done my make up – which probably happens quite a lot, but it’s also a primer – so you still have the option to apply your usual foundation over the top, if you after a bit more coverage. So finding this all in BB Cream is perfect.

Whether your looking or are considering switching you current BB Cream…Then I would recommend you trying the ‘GOSH All in One BB Cream’, as it’s not only a light-weight cream, it’s also super affordable….so you won’t have payout a fortunate for you to achieve healthy, dewy glow looking skin.
Do you like wearing a BB Cream instead of foundation? Or do you apply your regular foundation over the top?

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