Christmas Classic Movies To Watch On A Lazy Chilly Evening.

You really can’t beat christmas classic that can fill you with childlike wonderment and leave you glowing from inside out….

I’ve put together is excuses to set up camp on the sofa and enjoy snuggles. You might be asking what actually qualifies as a winter movie? Well, i will say: let your hear decide. If it brings joy to your soul and makes you feel happy then go ahead and watch it. 

Elf {2003}

Behind The Scenes Of Production For "Elf" The Movie - Best Holiday Films

Christmas isn’t christmas without watching elf at least once over the festive period. The rewatching limit doesn’t exist. How did we get so lucky? What did we do to deserve Will Ferrell. The whole story is based around buddy the elf discovering that he is fact the human and leaves the North Pole for New York in search of his biological father. 

Last Christmas {2019}

Last Christmas review – The Brexit Christmas movie we deserve

This festive story is set against the backdrop of the iconic Covent Garden market. The film starring Emilia Clarke as Kate, who is a young women struggling to find her purpose in life after a health scare. Henry Golding as Tom, a cheery stranger who is alway reminding Kate to ‘look up’. If you love to watch a film that tugs on your heartstrings, then this christmas movie is one that you need to watch. 

Last Holiday {2006}

Last Holiday (2006) – The Feast in Visual Arts and Cinema

Georgia Byrd, played by Queen Latifah discovers that she only has three weeks to live, so she takes out her life saving and jets off to Europe for a trips of her dreams to live like a millionaire. Last Holiday is a hearty, lighthearted and loveable film all around into one. 

Paddington {2014}

Paddington (2014) - IMDb

You cannot but for in love with the marmalade slurping bear, Paddington Bear. If your looking for a little-pick-me-up, for when it’s dark outside by 4:30pm. This movie is equivalent to twinkling lights and a hot chocolate

Holidate {2020}

Watch Holidate | Netflix Official Site

Sloane (Emma Roberts) fed up of being single during the holidays. So two strangers agree to be each others platonic plus-one all year long. Only to catch real feeling for each other. 

How The Grinch Stole Christmas {2000}

35 Best Grinch Quotes - Quotes from 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'

A good old christmas movie classic with everyones favourite green grump. Jim Carrey. Who hates townfolks and despires christmas. But this little girl, Cindy Lou believes in the spirit of christmas and sets out to reform him. 

Love Actually {2003}

5 Things You Didn't Know About Love Actually | Vogue

Four london couples trying to deal with their relationships in different ways. As soon as December rolls around, Love Actually should be number 1 on your christmas watchlist, even though it’s painful to relive Harry’s betrayal years after years, but however painful and cringeworthy it is watching mark shuffling through those giant cue cards. Emma Thompson being the total national treasure that she is and Hugh Grant’s embrassing dancing.

Home Alone {1990}

Home Alone Director Slams Disney Reboot | Den of Geek

No christmas would be complete without Kevin McCallister. This Film seems to get better with age. We also can’t forget the beautiful decor, the humour and the soundtrack. 

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