Movies To Get You Through Every Lockdown Mood

Since we are all spending the majority of our days indoors, we’re all on the look for some much-needed light relief and entertainment. Not everyday has to be self-improvements or the pursuit of a shredded post-lockdown-ready-body. We are allowed to binge watch films and eat popcorn. 

From the good old chicks flicks to the classic tearjerkers, here are some films to see you though every lockdown mood, cos if you are anything like me, it changes a lot. 

Feeling a little down? Movies to lift your spirits

13 Going on 30

This is the most rewatchable coming of age  romcom ever made. It’s so heart-warming and iconic which deserves to be watched 158 times.


Are you missing your girl gang and in need of the ultimate giggles kind of viewing, well this is your movie. 

The Greatest Showman

This is arguably the world’s most loved musical, this movie so much more than just jazz hands and high notes. The whole cast and Hugh Jackman will spark some serious joy into your life, with their catchy songs and comradery. You’ll probably be singing it for the rest of lockdown?!

Finding Nemo

Everyone’s favorite fishes ‘Marlin’, ‘Dory’ & ‘Nemo’. The tale of a psychologically damaged clown fish who must go on a personal journey as he tries to overcome the pain and fear caused by the loss of his family. This movie has memorable characters, humor, heartfelt emotion, comedic and momentous journey of an overly protective parent (Marlin) looking for his son (Nemo) who becomes separated in the great barrier reef.

Are you feeling a little bored? Here’s few movies to cure the boredom

Harry Potter

With the total running time of all the harry potter movies being 19 hours and 40 minutes, back to back HP will keep you busy for the whole day – what a productive day that will be. 

The Hobbit 

Under normal circumstances you mostly didn’t have the time to binge watch a franchise so use your time wisely. 

Gone Girl

There are so many twists and turns that you won’t have time to think, let alone got bored. 

Movies for when you need a good cry

The Fault In Our Stars

If you’ve read the novel, you will know that this story aims straight for the heart. That is all I will be saying on the matter before the lump in my throat gets out of hand.  

P.S. I Love You

Love letter beyond the grave. This is the endearing love story we need right now.

Five Feet Apart

Two teenagers with cystic fibrosis meet in a hospital and fall in love, but their disease means they must avoid close physical contact.

What movies are getting you through life right now in lockdown?

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