Christmas Traditions To Start This Year And It Doesn’t Involve Alcohol.

You may have yet to find your family tradition or may be the rule of six throw a spanner in the works, but this year ou need to forge new seasonal fun.

It’s all about christmastime, mistletoe and alcohol! But let’s be serious for a moment, christmas is all about soaking up the festive vibes for as long as humanly possible, as well as making memories with love ones and besties – even if that involves a commute. 

So from eating huge amounts of the same dinner, and playing the same board game to watching the Queen’s speech at 3pm and then making everyone go out for a post-christmas dinner walk, the whole warm and familiar 25th December routines makes christmas day feel really special and christmassy. 

Whether or not you are looking to go all-out with the festive ideas or going for something a little more subtle hint to christmas, then here’s some hoilday traditions that you can adapt as your own. 

Get Yourself A New Tree Deoration

Nothing else says tradition like a christmas tree decoration that you can pick our of the attic every year as your annual reminder that you had a thing for sparkly gingerbread men and monkey.

From the classic, traditional baubles to hotdogs and avoados, there’s an ornament the everyone, whether you perfer novetly and mininal decorations and you can pick one out each brings you silly amounts of joy.

But if you skipped the whole decorating altogether last year, you never the year that banana bread had become our sole food group and even the old man (santa) was working from home, i can’t think of a better way to keep the 2020 mems alive more than with these guys. 

white and gray ceramic house ornament

Give Your Beautiful Soul A Feel-Good, Seasonal Read

One of the best parts about christmas is that we can really do anything that you want too – like get up at midday! Why, not? It’s christmas. (See you later instagram & tiktok)

Selecting your book will truly brighten up your soul with joy and wide-eyed wonderment, you’ll have plenty of reasons to stay at home in the loving, warm arms of your weighted blanket. 

Break Out The Family’s Matching

Why not present your lovely dad with a pair of novelty candy cane strips or the grinch pyjamas, and then trying to arrange him in the front of the tree + self-timer all whilst he is wanting what hell is going on. 

man in red and black plaid dress shirt holding white ceramic mug

Cook Something Simple With Loved Ones 

Woud it even be the christmas season without a hearty family recipe being put together betweeen different blood-relatives and your best pals. Even if you decide to bake homemade mince pies, cookies or yule log, nothing really says christmas without a ligth heart feud over who is hogging the rolling pin. 

Watch You Favourite Christmas Film 

If you’ve gotten to the ripe old age of adulthood and are yet to know what your favourite christmas film is, then what are you playing at? If you prefer a feel-good family film, then go for Last Christmas or if you like a funny and radiant, go for The Hoilday. 

white printer paper on brown wooden table

Write A Letter To Your Future Self

The whole christmas spirit doesn’t have to cost huge amounts of money, the most meaningful gesutres can come straight from the heart and soul with just a simple letter to yourself. This is the perfect time of the year to reflect on the last 12 months, take stock and have gratitude – what better way than to write pen to paper and address it to yours truly. It will be really nostalgic to look back on different moments of your life and see what you were thinking. 

You could even look ahead to next year and explore what’s next for you – where do you see yourself in the next 12 months? What are the things you want to achieve during 2022? – Place the letter into an envelope and seal it and then open it up on christmas eve next year, to see what big dreams have come true.

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