10 Simple Tips to Save Money on Your Hair and Beauty Routine

Looking to save some cash on your hair and beauty routines? We’ve got you covered with these top 10 tips! From DIY hair masks to budget-friendly makeup options, you’ll find plenty of ways to look and feel your best without breaking the bank. So why wait? Start saving today and treat yourself to a little extra TLC!10 simple tips to save money on your hair and beauty routine.

We all deserve some tender loving care, but with the constantly expanding list of beauty essentials, it can put a significant dent in our monthly budgets. Fortunately, I have compiled some straightforward substitutes that you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard that could save you money. These include using teabags as eye masks and creating your own face scrub at home.

  1. Use Green Tea Bags

If you’re feeling like your eyes are tired or you have dark circles, try using green tea bags from your cupboard. Soak them in water, place them under your eyes, and relax. This is an affordable and effective way to create an eye mask.

  1. Store you beauty products in the fridge

Do you find yourself frequently replacing your lipsticks because they either melt or break? Don’t waste your money! You can extend the shelf life of your beauty products, such as eyeliner, lipstick, and nail varnish, by storing them in the fridge.

  1. Mix serum with foundation 

If you are not willing to spend more money on a tinted moisturizer or highlighter, you can add a small amount of serum to your foundation to give it an extra glow. If you do not have serum, moisturizer can also work effectively.

  1. Put you nearly empty tube into a bowl of water.

To get the most out of your favorite mascara, take extra care during this time. Before placing the mascara tube in a bowl of hot water, make sure it is tightly closed. Leave it in the water for a few minutes to warm up.

  1. Make a natural body moisturiser

Whether you need to soothe your face or body, natural yogurt is an excellent moisturizer that can also help with sunburn or dry skin patches.

  1. Make a homemade face scrub

If you’re trying to save money but still want a facial scrub, why not create your own all-natural scrub using items from your cupboard? Simply mix a small amount of ground almonds with coconut oil and gently rub it onto your skin.

  1. Use spray cooking oil 

Are you tired of waiting for your nails to dry? I might have a solution for you. Instead of using drying spray, try spritzing a little cooking spray over your nails. It will also help keep your hands hydrated!

  1. Raw honey

Do you have a jar of raw honey in your cupboard? If so, consider using it for more than just your porridge. Try using it as a natural face mask to achieve plump and hydrated skin.

  1. Coffee body scrub

Why not create a free body scrub. Just mix in leftover coffee grinds with your everyday shower gel and there you have a free pamper session. 

  1. Drink plenty of water

Do you drink enough water throughout the day? The truth is, many of us fall short. Here’s a top tip: for better skin, aim to drink eight glasses of water daily. Don’t forget to have a full glass before bedtime to stay hydrated. Dehydration can impact your complexion, so it’s important to avoid going long periods without water. 


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