10 Money-Saving Hair And Beauty Tips

I’ve put together some easy alternatives that you’ll already have in your kitchen cupboard that could save you money. From using teabags as eye mask to a DIY face scrub. 

1.Use Green Tea Bags

Are your eyes looking a little bit tired or have dark under eyes, grab some green tea bags from your cupboard. Soak then in water, pop them under your eyes and chill. There’s your ultimate budget eye mask. 

2.Store you beauty products in the fridge

Are you constantly having to buy new lipsticks cos either it melts or snaps. Well don’t waste your money…simply place your beauty products such as; eyeliner, lipstick and nail varnish in the fridge to extend their shelf life. 

3.Mix serum with foundation 

If your not wanting to spend the extra money on a tinted moisturiser or highlighter, then why no add a little serum to your foundation to add extra glow….if you don’t have serum, then moisturiser will do the trick.

4.Put you nearly empty tube into a bowl of water.

Make the mos out of your favourite mascara, especially at this time. Make sure the mascara tube is closed before popping it into a bowl of hot water and leave it in for a few minutes. 

5.Make a natural body moisturiser

Whether it’s or you face or body, natural yogurt is a great calming moisturiser. It also works well on sunburnt skin or dry patches. 

6.Make a homemade face scrub

On a budget but still want facial scrub, why not make you own natural scrub using items from your cupboard. Mix together a small amount of ground almonds to coconut oil and then gently rub onto skin. 

7.Use spray cooking oil 

Fed up of you nails taking to long to dry. Well i may have a solution. Forget about splashing on drying spray, instead spitz a little spray cooking over your nails. It will also help you hands hydrated too!

8.Raw honey

Do you have a pot of raw honey in you cupboard? Don’t just just it in porridge. Apply this natural face mask to get plump, hydrated skin.  

9.Coffee body scrub

Why not create a free body scrub. Just mix in leftover coffee grinds with your everyday shower gel and there you have a free pamper session. 

10.Drink plenty of water

Are you drink enough water during the day? To be truthful, most of us don’t drink enough. Top tip: To improve skin, you should be drinking eight glasses of water a day. Make an effort to drink a full glass before bed to stay hydrated – going long periods without water can have an effect on your complexion. 


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