Four Of The Easiest House Plants To Have

I’m not much of a green-finger…I’ve had my fair share of casualties, but i really love having plants dotted around my house. I particularly plants that don’t need much care or attention. But anyways, i thought i would go ahead and share four of the easiest house plants to have…here we go!

Aleo Vera

This plant love alot of indirect sun light but hates  direct sunlight! I tend to keep mine on the window sill as there is a blind. It also doesn’t need water that often. I usually wait until the soil is completely dry. Therefore, don’t be tempted as it really doesn’t need it! So if your like me and sometimes forgets to water your plant then this is definitely a good choice for you. 

Echeveria Elegans

This plant also thrives  really indirect sunlight. It’s the perfect addition for a bare shelf. I tend to water it around every 1 to 2 week. But it really does depend on the climate that its being kept in.


Oh the trusty cactus. This is probably the easiest plant that i had. It’s a great starter plant, if your just starting out. Also this plant is pretty much needs zero looking after, as it only needs to be watered around once every few weeks. Plus it’s a nice little addition. 

Venus Fly Trap

This plant is one of my favess. I love how unique it looks! You also only have to water this plant around 2 – 3 times within a month. So make sure to water a lot more during summer and much less in the winter. Even though it’s a plant, it also feds from insects. So if your looking for a plant that is unique then this is perfect for you.

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