Keeping Skin Moisturised This Season


I know a little late to the party but I still wanted to post a blog about different moisturisers that will keep your skin hydrated throughout the winter months. Due to environmental changes and central heating out skin can feel sensitive, dry and dehydrated. Whilst we switch up our wardrobes to adapt the different seasons, our skin and hair care routines are often go unchanged when they would benefit from a seasonal switch up.

Okay, so let start by bidding farewell to those lightweight oil-free summer staples and to make way for the hardworking formulas that’ll promise to keep your skin feeling happy.

From creamy cleansers, enriching body lotions to rich moisturisers – get ready to weatherproof your pores with these autumn beauty heroes.

1. Heavier moisturiser

It may seem an obvious choice to upgrade your lightweight moisturiser for a more hydrating cream. It can seriously do wonders for dry skin on both your face and body. Tip – look for non-comedogenic products that contain ceramides for repairing the skin’s moisture barrier which is easily broken down during the winter months.  

2. Layer up right

When applying your face products, start with the thinnest consistency to the thickest. Firstly, start with your serums, then go on to your face oils and then finish with the creams and SPF. You should always apply SPF last in your skincare routine but before makeup. 

3. Give it time to absorb

If you’re going to be layering up several face products, then do allow enough time for each of the products to be absorbed into your skin and work effectively. 

4. Apply in gentle upward sweeps

By gently applied moisturiser to your face and body in upward strokes, it helps with the circulation and lymphatic drainage.

5. Never forget your neck!

As well as your hands, your décolletage is one of the quickest areas to age. So by taking the products used on your face, down your neck and chest will, therefore, ensure you’re keeping your skin supple and hydrated. 

6. Be gentle

Apply your face moisturiser using your fingertips, making sure to take extra care around the delicate eye area to prevent tugging. Tip: Remember to use your ring finger to gently tap the product in a figure of eight around your orbit bone. 

7. Check the ingredients

It may not be necessary to completely switch up your moisturising routine for winter but tweaking a few products that will help to keep your skin happy. Look for humectants such as acid and glycerin – these are ingredients that’ perfect for hydrating the skin by attracting water like a magnet. 

8. Stick to gentle exfoliation

Lightly exfoliation your skin is the most important part of a skin routine. Cos no amount of cream or oils you apply will keep your skin from becoming dry and dull. So opt for a product that contains a gentle glycolic to buff away dead skin cells once a week to allow better penetration of your moisturiser. 

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