L’Oreal Elvive ‘Dream Lengths’ Range.

Finding a shampoo and conditioner for long hair can to be really hard. But recently a new beauty launch has caught my eye…..and this time it’s from L’Oreal – they’re new Elvive haircare range ‘Dream Lengths’. For week now i have been seeing the launch all over social media and i wanted to find out more. Since i have fairly long hair, i thought would go a head and give it a try. 

What drew me to this range was the claim that you don’t constantly have to trim your hair – as it helps to restore and protect your hair from split ends. Also since i’ve coloured my hair, i have definitely noticed the condition of my hair to become dry, brittle and a lot more split ends. I’m hopeful that this range can help me to maintain healthy conditioned, as well as improve hair overall state.

The Dream Lengths range has four products – shampoo, detangling conditioner, hair mask and no haircut cream. The hair mask has been designed for a once a week deep conditioning treatment, along with the no haircut cream  as a heat protection cream that will need to be applied before using heat on either dry or wet hair. The whole range is both really affordable and smell absolutely amazing. Atm, there is also a great offer on these products at boots…. which is worth checking out!

For the last two weeks, i’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner and used the hair mask once. I’ve also been using the no haircut cream before blow drying my hair. I have really noticed a really huge difference in the overall condition of my hair. I find it to feel so, so smooth, less visible split ends and  most importantly hydrated! 

So far i am really impressed with the result, since i’ve been using the Dream Lengths range… i’m definitely gonna continue to used it. Would i recommend you guys to tryout this ranges? Absolutely YES!!!….I really feel like the product really do what they say and will definitely help to restore dry and heat damaged hair. 

The full L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths range can be found on the boots website. Feel free to leave your thought in the comments below or dm me – cos i would love to know and whether you have try this range out yet?! I hope you’ve enjoyed i and have a fabulous week  XX

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