My Top 5 Packing Tips And Tricks

You may already know that i love going on holiday. There’s nothing better than getting to explore new destinations, all whilst enjoying a well-earned break. But what don’t particular like about the whole holiday experience is packing! and i’m sure a lot of you will agree?!

One of the main mistakes that a lot of people make whilst they are getting ready for a holiday is over packing. It not always necessary to pack everything, as it could end up costing you more money. 

My Top Five Packing Tips

1) Travel in your heaviest clothing, like trousers, sweatshirt or jackets. The trick is the airline are only going to weight your baggage, not you!

2) Make sure to have a lightweight suitcase or bag. This way your are able to pack a little more of what you want.

3) Always roll and never fold! It doesn’t just save on space, but it does avoid creases. Another trick is to tuck underwear into gaps and put rolled up socks inside shoes.

4) Remember you might not need to take shampoo or conditioner, as you will defiantly be able to buy it abroad. Unless you are traveling to the middle of no where. Another thing is that if your going to be staying in a  hotel then shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and trowels will most likely be provided for you. 

5)When packing, make sure to be ruthless and only take what you need. If your traveling to a hot location, then your will probably be wearing swimwear or lightweight clothing, such as t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops/sandals.


If you have any tips and trick that you use whilst you are traveling, i would love know yours.


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