Where To Find Inspiration? 20 Ways To Get Inspired

In order to find inspiration, we first need to open our eyes and mind to the ways we get inspired – the types of things that we might be looking for inspiration or might cross our paths. People often find inspiration in nature, technology, people and many more…..

Here is a list of 20 ways to get inspired:

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  1. Spend some time doing some colouring – use an adult colouring books.
  2. Go out on a peaceful walk in nature appreciate what nature has to offer.
  3. Try out a new hobby that you have always wanted to do – allow yourself to let your creative juices flow.
  4. Teach someone something that you enjoys – this can bring your joy for it to life again.
  5. Volunteer – try something that you have never done before, and give back to others.
  6. Allow yourself to chill out and disconnect – switch off your phones, laptop and the TVs – lets your mind wander and imagine the endless possibilities.
  1. Tell everyone who you come across for a day something that you appreciate about them – it’s a good way to get motivative, as you want to live up to those expectations and be the qualities they see in you.
  2. Read blogs that other writers are interested in – this is so simple to do, as they can offer you a new perspective that you might not have otherwise thought of.
  3. Draw or paint a picture – by being distracted from the outside world, we tend to make room for creativity and this allows us the chance to be inspired.
  4. Create a vision board – This is a great way to think about what you want for your life and start envisioning it. Just collect pictures and words that depict this life and bring them together on a vision board.
  1. Learn something new – get yourself outside the boundaries of your knowledge and learn something new. Like, learning a foreign language or learning about our universe.
  2. Watch a great movie – Watching a great movie can be a powerful thing that can get you thinking.
  3. Google creativity quotes– Seeing inspirational and powerful words from others can be great to keep in your journal and read them whenever you need a boost.
  4. Start before the inspiration strikes – Sometimes the only way to get inspired is to just start.
  5. Learn what great leaders do to achieve their goals – If you are trying to improve yourself, it can be helpful to see how others have achieved their goals.
  6. Ask your creative friends about their projects – When you hear about others’ creative projects, it can be incredibly inspiring. Ask your creative friends what they have been up to and get inspired by their enthusiasm and ideas.
  7. Ask someone their greatest life lessons – By seeking wisdom and their greatest life lessons from someone who you admire, you might just find a nugget of gold in there.
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  1. Journal your thoughts – Journaling your thoughts can be a powerful thing and can spark creative inspiration both now and in the future. This can be your special space where you can be open and free with your word and let what is within shine through.
  2. Go beyond your comfort zone – It’s really easy to get yourself stuck in the same routine, but trying something that you’ve never done before; which pushes you out of your comfort zone and breaks the routines of your daily life, can encourage the organic flow of ideas and increase motivation.
  3. Give yourself the gift of time – Don’t rush yourself, instead allow yourself a day to just be and do whatever comes to you. You might be surprised at the inspiration that strikes when you least expect it.

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