30 Day Self Love Challenge

Are you wanting to learn yourself more this year? To be kinder to yourself? To appreciate yourself more? Then it’s time for the 30 day self love challenge to get you into healthy habits to help improve the way you feel.

Here’s a guideline for a self-love challenge, giving you a new task every day for 30 days. Whether the tasks are big or small, so if you need to take more time than one day to complete them, then that’s okay. Also for any reason, you miss a day – don’t worry about that either. Simply, work at your own pace if you wish to as the most important thing that you’re taking is consistent action to build your sense of self-love.

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30 Day Self Love Challenge

Here’s a breakdown for the 30 Day Self Love Challenge into 4 weeks. From Day 1 – Prep Day to Day 30 – Roundup Day.

Prep Day

So to kick off the challenge, start by grabbing yourself a pretty journal and write it down how you feel, where you’re currently at – your level of self-love and self-esteem – and where you want to be. You don’t have to dig deep to much, as at this stage it’s more about getting things out of your head and on to paper.

All done? Well, thats awesome. The challenge has offically began and you’re now ready to move onto Week 1.


So now it’s offically the first week of the 30 Day Self Love Challenge. So let’s get started!

Day 1 :

Firstly, write down 5 things that you like about yourself, and stick them on your mirror, wall or wardrobe door. You need to make sure to you’ll put a notebook/journal somewhere you’ll see it every day when you wake up keep it in the same place for the duration of the challenge.

Day 2 :

Think of 1-3 positive affirmations about yourself. Get yourself into a routine and read the everyday – make it part of your morning or evening routine.

Day 3 :

Decide one physical insecurity that you ave and then work on feeling happier in the way that you are looking for.

Day 4 :

Go into nature – walk, jog or run – and go further than you’d normally go. Feel the blood pumping through our body and appreciate your body and everything that it does for you. Take a moment to value your health and make the decision for one small activity you will continue today every week to better improve your health and physical wellbeing.

Day 5 :

Buy yourself one thing you want, whether that’s a fancy new diary, a new pair of shoes that you have had your eye on for a while. Treat yourself without feeling guilty!

Day 6 :

Meditate! It’s all about building healthy habits and know how to look after your mental healthy wellbeing.

Day 7 :

Point out any past mistakes that you’re still holding onto and focus your energy on how you’ve changed since then. See how far you’ve come, how it’s made you stronger, kinder, wiser, then forgive yourself and let it go.

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Week 2

You have one week 1 in the bag but saying that, there is still another three weeks to go – remember you are on a mission to increase your self-love.

Day 8 :

Spare some time out of your busy day to get to know yourself better. The more you understand yourself, the it easier it becomes to learn to love yourself. Become your very own best friend.

Day 9 :

Be more self-aware in good step to self-improvement. First choose one area to self improve, then set one specific thing that you want to work on. Create an action plan for the improvement to becoming the best version of yourself – the version that your want to be. The main key is ‘Self Love’.

Also get rid of activities or traits that doesn’t feel like the true you, instead fill up that empty space with more things that you enjoy – every work goal, wellness intention and daily schedule should support becoming more of who you are really.

Day 10 :

Really appreciate yourself and who you are here and now. Remind yourself that you don’t have to be perfect….no one is perfect, as if everyone was the same then the world would be a very boring place.

Always know that you are worthy of love, even as a ‘work progress’, let be real….we are all in working progress. Perfection doesn’t exist. Take a look at your life, and see what areas have too much pressure – learn to be kinder to yourself! Read just your expectations and ease the tension. It’s like lifting a weight off your shoulders, and create more space for a better sense of self-love and appreciation.

Day 11 :

Create a list of everything you’re proud of – about yourself, about your life – after write up a list of all the things you want to do – feel proud that you have this passion, direction and all things to look forward to.

Day 12 :

It’s all about recognising and appreciating who you are as a person. This works hand-in-hand with developing your sense of self-love.

Day 13 :

Wear an outfit that makes you feel good – one that’s BOLD – but also one that feels like you. Do your hair and make up the way you like to have it. Then go somewhere and hold your head up high…You’ve got this!

Day 14 :

Today you just sit back, relax and watch your favourite movie. So grab some popcorn or chocolate to go with it. Indulge without feeling guilty, as you don’t have to be ‘good’ all the time.

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Week 3

You’ll be pleased to know that your halfway through your 30 day challenge. Your doing great. Keep it up….

Day 15 :

Start day today with a gratitude diary – every morning or evening night – write down three things that you are grateful for or create thankful notes – on stick notes – stick them around your home or workspace. They could be the smallest appreciation that could have a big impact on your choices.

Day 16 :

Today, spend a couple of hours to see how you could build up your emotional stability – like try recommended activities and techniques – as the better your feel in yourself, the better you will feel about yourself. It’s important to learn more about your mind and emotion and better understand, manage and feel them without fearing them.

Day 17 :

Do a Random Act of Kindness to strangers and help them make you feel warm and whole.

Day 18 :

What are you limiting beliefs? and have vouched to work through? By closely linking any underlying, unresolved issues that you may have {fear of abandonment}. By recognising the source, understanding why you are feeling the way you do and then working through it, will make you feel much happier in yourself.

Day 19 :

Recognise the common negative thoughts regularly so that you can start working on destroying them as soon as they appear. Be aware of your self-talk.

Day 20 :

Have a digital detox day – ban yourself away from social media for a period of time or forever. Limit how long you can spend scrolling through social media or on your phone.

Another good idea is to unfollow/switch off notifications/ mute any social media accounts that don’t make you feel inspired, encouraged or that makes you feel good about yourself.

Day 21 :

With the spare time that you have from avoiding social media, put the time into developing happiness plans.

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Week 4

By this point in the challenge, you should see significant improvement in your level of self-love. Ain’t it an empowering feeling?! With only one week left to go. Keep it up!

Day 22 :

Now it’s time to do some fun – do something today that you enjoy and something that you haven’t done for a while and makes you laugh, smile, scream with excitement.

Day 23 :

Make sure to spend some quality time with loved ones – fully focus on just appreciating them, the time you have together and feel the love and care that they have toward you.

Day 24 :

Understand mental and physical strategies for how to increase your energy – by having more juice in your life = being able to put more into everything that you do!

Day 25 :

Create your evening self-care routine, that can make you feel good about yourself. You could make the night extra special but extending your routine and making it full of pampering! Plus remember, you are worth it and deserve it all. Never feel guilty about some YOU time!

Day 26 :

When you are looking in the mirror, really see yourself – see how beautiful you are, both inside and out. See it, feel it, feel yourself and believe it.

Day 27 :

Time some time to write a love letter to yourself, about what you love about yourself? What do you wish you could tell yourself in the moments when your self-doubt slips in?

Write it all down, the sick it into a drawer. Then the next time you are feeling low, it will be there waiting for you and ready to life you back up!

Day 28 :

Are you still struggling to increase your sense of self-love? Why not speak to a therapist or coach. You’ll be able to feel the way you want to feel and you don’t have to do it alone. Never give up, decide that this point is your turning point…..

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Final Day

So now the final day is here. The very last day of the 30-day self-love challenge. Today is the perfect day to revisit the very first diary entry that you wrote.


  • How did you feel? Where were you at? What held you back?
  • What was the self-love score you gave yourself?
  • How do you feel now in comparision?
  • What scored would you give yourself now?

The 30 Day Challenge is Complete

After you’ve completed the 30 day self love challenge, consider how you’ll continue it in your life moving forward. What sort of activities have helped the most? And what things will you continue doing?

It’s worth looking at which areas you still need to work on and making a plan for how you’re going to tackle them – the key… should be the starting point. You don’t want all your hard work to go to waste.

So continue to build on it. Keep up the hard work!

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