12 Things I Wish I Knew About Being A Twenty-Something

This year, just before christmas i turned 27 and since my birthday i have been reflecting more and more about my life so far and things i wish i knew before i enetered my twenties. Please don’t get me wrong, i’m glad that i have experienced some of the many that i have seen and experienced – graduated uni, start this blog, met some amazing people that have turn into friends for life. But while that sounds all great, it still doesn’t include how much i have struggled – still trying to find a job that i enjoy, mental breakdowns when  everything isn’t going right, heart breaks, etc. I’m not asking for sympathy, all i’m saying is that i often think to myself “God, if only knew that before hand”. So in todays post, i’m sharing 12 things that i wish i knew before i entered my twenties.

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  1. Make peace with you past and quickly – If adulthood growning pain wasn’t hard enough, tried doing all of that whilst still holding onto your hurtful past. By letting go of things, then your twenties will be a little lighter.
  2. How awesome are parents – It really doesn’t matter whether you have or haven’t been aware of how wonderfuly and amazing parents are – step-parents, biological, adoptive parents, forster parents, grandparents, etc – as it really doesn’t register until you’re no longer in their care, apart from realising how awesome they are in your twenties and that you should have heeded their advice a little more than you did.
  3. Your really aren’t as alone as you may think – If someone had told us before we become twenty-something, then may be the pain that each one of use experienced isn’t so unique, and we might have not felt so alone at times when were most lonely.
  4. Cherish the times when many of your freinds are together in the same place – You’ll see many of your friends move away, you may move (or stay) and lot of other will come and go. The changes in your twenty-something isn’t just emotional or mental, it’s also georgraphical – you don’t tend to realise this until it’s too late. 
  5. It’s important to take advantage of your childhood and teenage years Some of use grow far to quickly, either by choice or circumstances but what we don’t realise before-hand is that once adulthood hits, there is no going back.
  6. You’re unfortunately going to be judge no matter what you do – Sorry to say, but some people aren’t going to be thinking about you and this shouldn’t bruise your ego, instead it should feel like freedom – you should strive to do something that is inline with you views and needs, that reflects your character and what you personality thing is best for you. brown wooden blocks on white surface
  7. You are going to have to learn things the hard way It doesn’t matter how much advice you are given, you are probably going to make some bad descision…..and that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up about it because at the end of the day it’s experience that you will learn from. There’s not sugar-coating it…..your just going to have to deal with it and move on.
  8. Constantly comparing your life to other is a total waste of timeI’m really not sure if knowing this before-hand could have prevented it, as especially when your coming of age in a time where social media is huge, it can be super hard to to not compare your life to others. but if you can constantly remind yourself that everyone is on their own path, then you can rest easier.
  9. Remember, nothing happens overnight – Be realistic, you want instantly have £25,000 in your savings, you won’t score your dream job overnight and you house/apartment won’t be fully furnished right away. You have alway got to put in some work into everythin and it will taken time – long or short.
  10.  Growing your credit score isn’t fun, but consistency is important This is probably the most frustrating part of adulthood that no ever talks about. Keep at it…it will get better…it’s just take some time.
  11.  Your twenties is when you are setting yourself up and figuring things When you were a child, you most probably thought that anyone that was over 18 had fully figured out life and had everything that they wanted – there own house, car and savings…but oh boy i was totally wrong about that! I really did think my now i would have my own house and a job that i loved, but that hasn’t happened for me yet…and that’s okay. I’m still trying to figure it all out and work towards those goals and i will get there..eventually.
  12.  Work life balance can be a thing – If your feeling overwhelmed and don’t feel like you have enough time in the day for yourself to chill and relax, then you really need more of a work life balance, prioritze it…and it’s okay to have a work life balance when you don’t have kids – i’ve never understood why it’s pushed in so man industries that you don’t need it until ou have kids. A work life balance is different for everone, so don’t compare…your need will be different compared to what other peoples needs are.

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