New Year’s Resolutions That Might Just Improve Your Life

With a new calendar page turned and the month of january is now in full swing, the topic of smal tallk is all about what everyone’s New Year’s resolution are going to be for 2022….what’s your goals and optimistic for the year ahead?! Whilst it might be a little cliche to use the a new year as a motivation for change, but the is something about a fresh year to prompt you with new enthusiasm for life and all the possibilities for the impossibles [e.g. actually going to that zumba class that you booked last week] to make it come true.

Whether you are manifesting big resolutions to add into your life, or just little, simple changes – like, making your bed every morning or being kind more often – then carry on readin for some unique New Year’s Resolutions that you might actually like to take as your own personal goals.

  • Read a new book every month….but don’t be mad at yoursef if you havent touched another authors novel since Apirl 2022. For the last two year life has extactly continued past march, so life still feel a little discombobulated.
  • Give out compliments a day to other – that girl need to know how 12/10 her outfit looks. Beautiful girlies, hype up other beautiful girlies.
  • Try to go meat free one day a week – meatless monday, veggie weekends – what every works best for you. Do you!
  • Make your bed every morning without fail. Life feels so good and naturally falls into place.
  • Stop wasting you money on overpriced coffee’s everything you leave the house, instead use that coffee machine you got 2 weeks ago for christmas that’s already collecting dust.
white and black i am a good girl card
  • Plan to keep a least 2 plants alive this year.
  • Put your laundary away as soon as it’s dry = 2022 completed it.
  • Buy yourself an address book and keep it updated. Isn’t that what ‘adulting’ look like?
  • Remember to take all your rubbish out from your car cos come on, pushing old McDonalds bags out of the way isn’t a great way to start your day.
  • Make a conscious effect to do more for the planet – less fast fashion and remember you reusable cup.
shallow focus photography of potted plants
  • Call your grandparent more often. They will love you even more for it, more than you’ll ever know.
  • Clean out your inbox. Unsubscribe to all the Sh*t that you don’t need or know what the hell it is = feeling immediatley cleansed.
  • Apply sunscreen daily. Yes even in the winter months. The UV is still out and about.
  • Set yourself a weekly or monthly budget and stick to it. The first word that comes to mind is ‘Try’.
  • Schedule a lot more fun days because you’re the one writting your own resolutions and it doesn’t all have to be eating right and keeping you house tidy – go wild people. Have a bit of fun. Life’s to short.
orange and white tube bottle
  • Make an effort to shop small for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Carve out time in your life for solo activities every month – whether will be lunch, cinema or even a walk through your local park. Remember your the main charcter of your life.
  • Unless you mean it, never say ‘I’m Sorry’.
  • Learn something new. Something that you never learnt/did as a child – riding a bike, swimming. Listening to that inner child can heal a lot of wounds.
A woman walking through a forest in the afternoon
  • Unfollow social media accounts that don’t make you feel 10/10 and inspired. Remember you’re in charge of the enironment you thrive in.
  • Stop with the scrolling on your phone whilst your watching netflix.
  • Keep striving for good vibes because sometimes they really do make the world a better place and carry on turning in the right direction.
  • Conquer a fear and feel like a total boss because you did it.
black retractable pen on opened book beside red and white go get'em-printed coffee cup

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