6 Things To Enjoy In November That Will Make You Happy

While October is an enjoyable month, so is November!

November is a month that is full of excitement, celebrations, and holiday preparations. It is a time when the weather starts to change, and people begin to feel the joy of the upcoming holiday season. During this month, many people get busy with various activities, such as planning family get-togethers, shopping for gifts, and decorating their homes for Christmas.

As the month progresses, people start to feel the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season. They eagerly await the opportunity to put up their Christmas decorations and make gingerbread houses. Despite the excitement, people try to hold off on these activities for as long as possible, savouring the anticipation and joy that comes with the waiting game.

Overall, November is a month that is filled with anticipation, excitement, and joy as people prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

However, if you want to slow down time a little and enjoy the last of the beautiful autumn. Make sure to keep reading, in this blog post, I’ve shared some simple things that are fun to do throughout November.

Gain an extra hour in bed: As we approach the beginning of November, we are once again approaching the end of daylight saving time. This means that we will be turning our clocks back by an hour, effectively giving us an extra hour of sleep. While some may view this as a welcomed change, others may find it difficult to adjust to the new time. It’s important to note that not all states or countries participate in daylight saving time, so it’s best to double-check what your local customs are. Regardless of your region, make sure to prepare yourself accordingly so that you can smoothly transition into the new time.

Christmas shopping: In need of a fun activity that’s bound to make you feel happy. Well, why not make a jumpstart on your christmas gift-shopping list? Cos who doesn’t love shopping for others without having to wait in long queues. Doing your shopping early can give you more browsing time to find thoughtful presents and avoid all the craziness that comes with the festive season.

Get into your pyjamas early: Did you know that it’s National Family Pyjama Day on November 14th, I didn’t however I am fully up for it. Who doesn’t love being able to get into your pyjamas as soon as you get home, now you have the perfect excuse. Grab yourself a bowl of popcorn and sit back to watch a good movie.

Start watching festive movies: If we are truly honest, one month isn’t long enough to watch all the good festive movies. You need to start early. And now is the perfect time to begin a festive marathon of the best christmas movies.

Visit festive markets: A lover of all things crafty? Check out your local Christmas markets and there will be plenty of wonderful craft makers, with beautiful decorations and gifts.

Make a Christmas card list: Sending Christmas cards is a timeless tradition that has been practised for many years. Even with the rise of social media and email, the tradition of exchanging Christmas cards still remains popular. There is something special about receiving a physical card in the mail that an email or message cannot replicate. The act of opening a card, reading the message, and displaying it in your home is a meaningful way to celebrate the holiday season.

When it comes to sending Christmas cards, it is important to take the time to create a list of people you want to reach out to. This list can include family members, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. It is also important to personalize each card by adding a heartfelt message or a personal touch. Overall, Christmas cards are a wonderful way to show your appreciation and spread holiday cheer to those around you. So, take the time to write out your cards, add some personal touches, and send them out to your loved ones.

Do some Black Friday shopping: Black Friday is an annual shopping event that takes place on the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. It’s a highly anticipated day for shoppers who are looking for the best deals and discounts on a wide range of products. However, Black Friday is not just about scoring great deals; it’s also an opportunity to support small businesses that offer alternative sales during this time. By shopping at small businesses on Black Friday, you can help to boost their revenue and keep them afloat. Many small businesses offer unique and high-quality products, which can make for great gifts for your loved ones. By supporting small businesses, you can also help to create a more diverse and vibrant economy in your community.

On the other hand, Black Friday shopping can be overwhelming, stressful, and even dangerous, with long lines, crowded stores, and the possibility of violence. To avoid these risks, you can shop online, plan ahead, and use caution when entering a store. By taking these precautions, you can enjoy the benefits of Black Friday without putting yourself in harm’s way.

Black Friday can be a great opportunity for shoppers to save money and support small businesses. By keeping these tips in mind, you can make the most of the day and enjoy a safe and successful shopping experience.

Decorate for Christmas: If you have been putting off decorating your home and have made it this far without any progress, it’s time to go for it! Decorating your home can be a fun and rewarding experience which can bring a lot of joy and happiness. You can start by choosing a particular room or area to decorate, and then decide on a theme, colour scheme, and style that suits your taste and personality. You can also add some personal touches such as family photos, artwork, or decorative items that hold sentimental value. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things, as decorating your home is an opportunity to express yourself and create a space that reflects your unique individuality.

As we approach the month of November, I have compiled a list of various things you can add to your calendar to make the most out of this month. From attending Thanksgiving dinners with family and friends to participating in charity events, there are many ways to enjoy this wonderful time of year. As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it’s the perfect time to cosy up inside with a good book or movie. Additionally, don’t forget that November is the month of gratitude, so take some time to reflect on all that you are thankful for. I hope this November brings you much joy and happiness as we transition from autumn to the start of the festive season.

What will you be getting up to this November?

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