Cellulite Is Totally Normal And Natural – So Let’s Talk About It

Cellulite is a natural and harmless condition affecting around 90% of women – orange peel ripple is commonly found on the bum and thigh area. Even with plenty of effort to embrace body positivity, sadly it’s still the biggest body battle for the majority of women in the UK.

Of course, cellulite has been edited out photos of women for years and years, as with the first couple of pages in a magazine and more recently across social media and also we haven’t managed to come to terms with it as a completely normal part of our bodies.

If you type ‘cellulite’ into google, they’ll be thousands of results detailing the symptoms, treatments and best prevention, but the reality cellulite is something that psychological part of the female human body – it’s unique to women.


Male cell structure is more like a criss-cross shape, which means that their fat cells tend to not push through towards the skin, whereas women have much more of a linear structure so our fat cells can easily push through and make a slight dimpled effect, regardless of what size or shape your bodies are, despite what ignorant body-shaming comments left underneath female celebrities photo might suggest.

You might be also aware that a lot of companies make a lot of money from selling us an ‘antidote’ to this normal part of our bodies, and the products sold to us, are often great expense, capitalising on our securities.

What is cellulite?

Regardless of whether you’re a marathon runner or exercise-averse, cellulite can appear on women of all body shapes and fitness levels.

Cellulite is little, tiny connective tissue filaments (which are called; fibrous septae) that anchor the skin to the underlying tissue and have fat in between. Filaments can pull down on the skin’s underside and create dimples (cellulite). Even though connective tissue can be weakened by hormones, lack of exercise and muscle tone and poor circulation, it’s just due to normal fat in the body and not due to obesity or toxins.

Will exercise reduce cellulite?

One of the main misconceptions about cellulite is that exercise like; cardio is the key to reducing it. But if are after much more tone within the skin, you’ll need a combination of workout styles – particularly muscle-building movements. Exercise helps lymph (the fluid that carries waste and toxins away from cells to be expelled from the body) flow much more freely through fatty areas, with will speed up your natural detoxing system.

cellulite is natural and normal

Are there any treatments to get rid of cellulite?

The short answer is no, unfortunately. When it comes to creams and lotions, they say that they can reduce the appearance of cellulite or even remove toxins from the body, but these are unlikely to work due to cellulite isn’t caused by toxins.

Therefore, if the appearance of cellulite doesn’t bother you then just leave it and rock out with dimples and all. It’s natural and normal but not harmless, but if want to try to improve the look or even get rid of cellulite then the only way is to try out a minor procedure – celluTite, which is a procedure that requires a tiny hole to be made with a needle prick that is performed under local anaesthetic. Then a radiofrequency handpiece is used with a small specialised tip to break the connective tissue and release the fat to produce an even skin contour. (The radiofrequency also tightens the skin that can help to improve the cellulite) but it will only reduce the appearance of cellulite temporarily, as our bodies will carry on making more afterwards.

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