Cull The Choas – 10 Decuttering and Organising Tips

If you feel like you head is messy and your home is overrun with clutter as far as the eye can see, then it’s about time that you take charge and get your home organised. And what better way than to start the new year off with clean, organised house.

While it’s very unlikly that you’ll transform into the next Mrs Hinch overnight, but learning a few helpful clutter-busting methods to keep your home from getting messy with minimal amounts of effort, so your home can finally feel like a peaceful, livable space.

Continue reading if you want a few decluttering tips that will help you to get organised with smart storage solutions.

  1. Clear all surfaces and keep them clean – The easiest and fast way to make my home look less cluttered is to clear off all the flat surfaces first (i.e countertops, nightstands, tabletops, shelves), and put everything on the floor and only add back what you need – basically the essentials. You’ll probably be surprised at what a difference it makes!
  2. Use a decluttering strategy that works for you? – It’s not going to work if you don’t find your strategy. Not one decluttering strategy everyone’s lifestyle. Do you limited amount of time? Work on one room at a time. Do you have kids? Then focus on multi-purposed storage solutions. If your system works with you, it will work for you!
  3. Make the most of underutilized storage spaces – At the start of each year, declutter both digital and physical spaces. It will help to clear headspace for the upcoming year.
  4. Ask yourself what you need this – One of the easiest and beneficial ways to start the organising process is to get rid of anything and everything that you don’t want or use. Use your energy to simplify.
  5. Establish a ‘one in’ and ‘one out’ rule – Create a rule where you don’t buy anything new until you let go of something old. Not only does it make it easier maintain to an organised system at home, but it will also save you money and time in the long run.
  6. Does everything in your home have ‘home’ – Designated a spot for every specific item, it will become a lot easier to put everything away where it belongs.
  7. Set a timer – If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, set a time for like 5 mins of cleaning. You may find that by ticking off small chores on your to-do list, the whole cleaning and organising process will become more manageable.
  8. No to multi-tasking – When you’re deciding to declutter a room, set yourself a goal, timeframe and stick to it. Do things that you know you’ll finish what you set out in the first place, instead of getting distracted with other side projects that come along whilst your decluttering.
  9. Make a decluttering date for yourself – Not not going to always find extra time to declutter, but making organising things a priority and schedule a day or two into your calendar, can help you to focus. Don’t stress yourself out if you weren’t able to finish the project on a certain time scale – you’ve always got a new date on the calendar to wrap up loose ends.
  10. Repair broken things, or finally say goodbye – It’s really easy to hold onto things that need to be fixed, ‘saying to yourself that you’ll find time to fix that, but then you end up not finding the time and them sitting in the same the spot where you last left them. If you don’t get it fixed within 30 days, it’s time to say goodbye.
From above of various carton boxes and labels near clothes on surface in room

What is your decluttering and organising strategy? Leave your organising tip in the comments below.

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