How To Organise Your Makeup Draw In 4 Easy Steps

Can you remember the last time you actually organised your makeup drawer and cleaned out any old or unwanted makeup? If your anything like like me, it’s really easy to keep putting off and it doesn’t take long for things to become cluttered and messy. We’re you aware that make up products have a expiry date? I’m definitely guilty of hanging on to cosmetic products for way too long. 

I’ve finally found a ways to declutter and organise my makeup drawers. So i though that i would go ahead and share my tips and tricks that helped me out.  

Step 1: Empty Your Makeup Drawers 

Lay out a towel your counter and place everything onto it, without worrying about things rolling off onto the floor. Remember don’t leave ANYTHING in your drawers. 

I find it to so much easier to declutter a space when you empty it first, before organising the item back into the space. 

Make sure to clean out any broken pieces or makeup dust from inside the drawer. 

Step 2: Take A Inventory Of Your Makeup

Take an inventory of all you current cosmetic items. Think about how long you’ve had each piece. Has the item expired, lost it’s effectiveness. Be honest with yourself, is there really any point in keeping items that are expired or that you haven’t used in a very long time. Throw out everything that is either broken, expired or haven’t used in a long time. 

Step 3: Organise Your Makeup Drawers

Once you’ve reduced how much makeup you had, it’s now time to set up  system to organise your makeup drawer. Just think of how much time you would be saving yourself when your getting ready. There are plenty of different types of makeup organisers to chose from. But i just ordered the cheapest makeup acrylic drawers set i could find on ebay. 

I prefer acrylic organisers, simply because even if the drawers are full with makeup, you’re still able to see what you have in each drawer.

Step 4: Keep All Of Your ‘Most Like’ Makeup Items Together

Group similar items together, then place them into compartments or drawers that best suites their size. I tend to put items that i don’t use often, in the bottom drawers and the items use the most in the top drawers – it make life so much easier to find everything.

I enjoy organising and seeing the end result. I am really loving how organised my makeup drawers are now. I’m finding everything so much quicker when i’m getting ready in the mornings.

You don’t have to spend a fortunate in order to organise. A organiser drawer set and/or a few containers will do the trick.

Whether you’re organising your makeup drawer fully or simply just throwing out old/unwanted makeup items; the whole things should take you about 15 minutes. And believe me, those 15 minutes will save you a lot more time in the long run. 

So come on, what you waiting for? Today’s the day to go and get organised! Clear out that messy makeup drawer that you’ve avoiding doing for way too long now. You’ll be glad you did. 

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