5 Way’s To Kept Yourself Relaxed

After a long of working, you probably just want to relax and let go of all the pressures of the day. But are you that person like, and find it even harder to unwind? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Your might even find that your home isn’t allow you to just relax or even you want to get a head start on tomorrows workload.

Scheduling Downtime – It try and make time during the evening at around 5:30pm and stop doing anything work related. What i absolutely love is down the sofa and catch up some Netflix’s. [atm i’m into Stranger Things !] 

Have A Warm Shower Or Bath – My favourite thing to do in the evening, is to take a bath [with lots of bubbles] or shower [in my case it does depend on what mood i’m in at the time] and wash away all of the tension.

Exercise – What i find to be the most beneficial is to literally work off the stress with exercise – whether it’s by walking, running or actually go to the gym. And if you aren’t exercise alone, then make sure to listen to a good playlist!

Go Out – Going out doesn’t have to mean going further than the end of your garden. Just by going out and breathing in some fresh air and looking at some greenery can make all the difference!

Sleep – Nothing is  better than having a good night sleep and feeling well rested. I know for some it can be quite a challenge – especially if your job require’s early starts. But with just simple things -like having a bedroom were you are able to relax and have no distractions or avoiding checking your  phone and social media pages right before you were planing on going to sleep.

So we have it, here are 5 simple way’s to relax and release the tension from a long day of work! I would love to know what’s your favourite way to unwind?

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