14 Ways To Enjoy The Most Miserable Month Of The Year

We might be caffeinated, vaccinated and fresh outlook on life, that doens’t excuse the fact that january scares so many of us – don’t mind the tiredness, sadness, hairiness and being skint. This time of year can be the most miserable and we try to get into the spirit of things. Quit with the self-loathing for the 31 days, as we have nothing without being committed. Here is 20 ways to most miserable month of the year.

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  1. Spend the next 3-5 days wishing for the glow of the christmas tree to be back.
  2. Realising that it doesn’t matter how much sleep you get a night, you’re going to be tired until you pass on.
  3. Don’t show no sign of remorse when you’ve broken dry jan.
  4. Renew your gym membership again….
  5. And then regret it within 10 minutes into a group class with no air con, muscle hurting where they shouldn’t and no exit.
  6. Craw out of your bed at 9am, under the illusion that you will magically get to work for 9am. It’s called toxic postivity and sadly it isn’t going to happen.
  7. Feel a little grateful for the return of masks – number one protection from men telling us to smile.
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  1. Return to work, but you really can’t remember what you do.
  2. Failling to get throught a whole 24hr period without letting everyone you meet just how cold you are.
  3. Feel the millennial urge to leave your job and start up your own business – open you own coffe shop, florist.
  4. It’s a hard pass on plans that require you to socialise. It’s really going to be miracle that you will have any friends past March…?!
  5. Wear all the clothes that you got for christmas and then spend the whole day thinking that everyone is staring at you, cos you wearing new boots, hats, scafs, jumper and fitbit.
  6. Work hard and stare at your screen all day for a lving to provide a good life for dog.
  7. Feeling shocked and little saddned that january 2022 is already here. Oh, how time files when your life is falling apart.
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