The Soft-Wave Bob Is Breezy, Boho and It’s About To Be Everywhere

Of course, the shape of the bob is fundamental, as a great cut can really make or break you hair’s ability to look delicious everyday. Whereas the soft-bob? Well, there is proof that styling can breathe new life into each strands and will make you fall back in love with your hair again, even if a trim is well overdue! The soft-wave bob is breezy, boho and it’s about to be everywhere.

In fact, that why soft-wave bob work the best, due to the unstructured shape, compliment outgrown strands and if you like a more laidback undone look. But what really makes the hair the best, as the breezy style helps to loosen up ultra neat cuts – similar to a freshly chopped blunt bob – and gives it a much more relaxed vibe.

So really what exactly is it? Well it’s simple, a soft-wave bob is a looser, less structured wave that gives a slightly slep-in style and texture – basically, equivalent of ‘No Makeup’! But this still does depend on your hair’s natural texture, as well as you desired look, it can all be achieved in a few ways – natural soft-wave textures that can be encouraged with styling products (salt sprays, texturising sprays and curling creams), straight-ish or a little wavy texture, air drying hair that tucks behinds your ears or twisted in a dinky little buns that can create a gorgeous softwaves. And if wanting something a little more glam, that using heating tools can introduce loose waves, and when brushed out it can look like second or thrid day hair.

The following, are some of my favourite ways soft-wave bob styles…

Messy Soft-Wave Bob

woman walking in white sand during daytime

Wavy Soft-Wave Bob

woman wearing white scoop-neck sleeveless top in purple petaled flower field

Tucked Soft-Wave Bob

Side-Parted and Straight Soft-Wave Bob

woman in black spaghetti-strap top

Shaggy Soft-Wave Bob

Sliky Soft-Wave Bob

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