Things To Do In December

red Christmas bell on Christmas tree

Since all of our plans for the past 9 months have either not gone ahead, have had to be altered or postpose until futher notice, so with all that in mind the pressure of cooking the perfect christmas dinner and buying overly priced chocolate presents is off. Tbh, i think we all would probably be over joyed with a plate of parnsips and a stack of oranges if that mean’t we could spent time with our family and friends. 

And now with the final countdown of 2020 and what a wild ride that has been.

So let’s bring on the festive season. Here are things that you can do in December.

pink and blue plastic bottle on brown wooden table

  1. Turn up fashionably late to a zoom christmas party, even though there weren’t any hold ups in the hallway.
  2. Eat you whole advent calendar in one go.
  3. The knowledge that there’s absolutely nothing 2020 can do about it. And regret can’t sit with us!
  4. Build up the courage to check you bank balance.
  5. Starting putting various crisps into bowls and presenting them on the coffee table for no real reason.

6. Telling you kids that The Elf On The Shelf is on furlough and that they’ll be having a year off.

7. Secretly judging who doesn’t take the ritual of wearing the paper crowns seriously. There’s alway the exception of one!

8. Have the best after dinner nap.

9. Prepare yourself for your love life to be the number one go-to topic of the table-side small talk -The number of current boyfriends? Going strong at zero, come on let’s more on.

10. Watch every hallmark movie that netflix has to offer – striving to bet your PB from last year. 

butter cookies on plate

11. Find yourself gettig suck into buying a supermarket poinsettia – must we be that weak, that we have to get a tacky botonical every year?

12. Pretend to like mince pies.

13. Bake delicious christmas cookies

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