Want To Travel, But Are On A Budget? 12 Hacks For When You’re Broke AF

Having the urge to travel can be difficult to shake off, especially when we have been told not to travel for the last couple of years- beyond our front door on some occasions. You can also often find yourself flicking through your social feed and daydreaming about going on a life-changing adventure? Beautiful photographs don’t help with the daydreaming part – then you wake up and check your bank balance….oh sh*t! Travelling on a budget can feel really daunting and almost impossible for many people, this can, unfortunately, deter some from experiencing everything this amazing planet has to offer. So here are 12 travel hacks for when you’re broke AF.

  1. Make The Most Of Discount and Sale Events
man sitting on gang chair with feet on luggage looking at airplane

Whilst everyone is working out how to set up new TVs and tablets during the Black Friday and Boxing Day sales, why not check out the flight sites like; Hostelworld, KAYAK, Your bank account will thank you!

  1. Alway Travel Light
silver MacBook in duffel bag

You’ll save money super easy and quickly while flying, by just taking carry-on luggage only and won’t have to pay checked luggage fees. Plus, you will save time as you won’t need to check in any luggage.

  1. Be Flexible
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It might sound like a crazy idea, but being able to drop plans and switch things up last minute will help you to take advantage of deals and opportunities that arise on your travels. These are probably the most important qualities for a budget-savvy backpacker to have. So don’t be tied down to your plans.

  1. Make Sure To Do Your Research
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This is a no brainer tbh, but one of the biggest mistakes that a money-conscious traveller can make is to rush into plans. At first it might seem tempting and a really good idea – taking your time can be a litte time consuming but taking a moment to read into your inspiring and hopeful blog posts, shop around, talk to fellow travellers and read reviews.

  1. Shop At Local Markets
people in market during daytime

Go to a local market and observe the prices and offers. Also eating seasonal products and local products will be a lot cheaper – what you find more easily, will most probably end up being the cheapest.

  1. Pack Your Own Food
clubhouse sandwich

Making your pack lunch for the road – whether that’s bringing food from home or buying it from a grocery store – might not be as glamourous or fancy as it dining out at a restaurant, but you might end up getting more food for your money and be better financially for your wallet.

  1. Socialise And Talk To Other Travellers
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One of the best sources of saving money is experience, so what better way to get the experience is to ask the real travellers themselves. Talk to ones who have been out backpacking, read authentic forums and articles… get knowledge from everyone and anyone who has gone before you.

  1. Save Up Frequent Flyer Miles
aerial photography of plane flying

Travel a lot? Well, the chance is, at some point, all those adventures will could equal flying miles. So if you frequently fly, then joining up to frequent flyer program and racking up those mile/points just but doing usual adventures. Win-Win! Over time they really could add up and can get you discounted flights and even upgrades.

  1. Book In Advance
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Something simple to remember, prices will often go up as it gets near to your trip date. So booking train journeys, flights, hotels and hostel beds ahead of time will not only guarantee that you’ll have somewhere to sleep and travel, instead of getting stuck = to last-minute prices and overpriced flashier rooms.

  1. Venture To New Places Off The Beaten Track
woman sitting on rock near lake

The tourist area can be an absolute nightmare and a trap for your wallet. Yes, sure they are usually popular for a reason but if you just think for a minute…. anywhere you choose to visit will have so many incredible things to offer and life-changing experiences – meeting new people, eating delicious food that doesn’t involve queuing for hours! Many of the destinations that are off the beaten track are becoming more and more popular with backpackers as their hidden gems are being slowly discovered.

  1. Stay In Hostels
black metal bunk bed

It might seem obvious but it can’t be overrated just how much your wallet will thank you compared to booking into a hotel, resort or rental house. Not only will you be getting lower prices (you’ll find that some hostel beds are a couple of dollars/euros per night), you will be getting the authentic backpacker atmosphere and memories to last a lifetime.

  1. Hostels Often Have Free Food

Yeah of course breakfast is often given, but there are many hostels across the world that provide baked goods, pizza nights and load more. Remember to stock up on free eats to take with you whilst you’re off adventuring for the day.

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