20 Goals For 2020

Even thought i’m all excited about a new year, i’m really not that interested into the whole ‘New Year, New Me’. I’m looked more forward to what ‘realistic’ goals that i could set myself to work towards throughout the year and maybe achieved without pressuring myself.  

I just love the idea of stepping into Jan with a fresh perspective on things and that’s exactly what i plan to do. So here are *20 Goals for 2020!*

1.Save more money each month

2.Eat healthier – choose healthier options 

3.Create a better work/life balance – work less and socialise more 

4.Blog more regularly –  blog more constantly and write content that i like and enjoy, not just what i think my viewers might like

5.Stay more organised –  make a to-do list for the day, month or year.

6.Have more me time, more down time, more self-care time

7.Say hello to exercise again – start to exercise more whether its running, walk or taking the stairs

8.Explore more -start planning more trips to different places, whether it’s to visit a new city or try out a new restaurant that’s just opened

9.Start doing something different, like making plans to do something in advance

10.Take more photo’s

11.Budget better

12.Become a better plant owner – remember to water the plants once in a while 

13.Drink up! Drink more water and stay hydrated

14.Finish decorating my bedroom

15. Declutter my wardrobe 

16.Donate old clothes 

17.Do one thing at a time, Multitasking isn’t the most efficient way to get thing done 

18.Go to bed on time, stick to a set bedtime – getting enough sleep every night

19. Treat myself to affordable facials – allowing myself some me time 

20. Give myself more compliments like, “Your doing a good job” 

Do you have any Aumtun//Winter themed goals? What’s ya plan for the next few months?

What are your plans for 2020?

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