‘From Me, To Me’: Self Love Gifts That You Deserve This February

Open up your ‘single and thriving’ vision board, and let go of society’s bull-sh*t that only prioritises romantic love over everything else. Yes, it might be nice receiving extravagant bunch of flowers at your door, but know that being able to rely on yourself for love, respect and a treat. Buy flowers, chocolate, a takeaway, wine and know that the enjoyment of all those things is not your relying on a partner to provide.

person holding bouquet of flower

Whether you are feeling single and empowered or are mourning a recent break-up and in serious need of a pick-up, I’ve compiled together a list of the best ‘From me To Me’ gifts that will warm and empower your heart this February. This could be as simple as transforming your room into a calming oasis you deserve with a new candle or treating yourself to a spa day or a fancy bubble bath – whatever you find helpful to create a special moment.

Say this after me: “i am enough, just the way i am”

The 6-Minute Diary | Gratitude Journal £22.99

Love & Pamper | Aromatherapy Pampering Gift Set £27.99

Self love club Sweatshirt £37.99

Garnier | Hydra Bomb Eye Mask £3.17

Daisy Dreamer T-Shirt & Shorts Pyjamas Set £11.95

Care Package Pick me Up £13.95

Himalayin Rock Salt Lamp £14.44

Good Vibes, Good Life | How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness £8

Black Heart Seamless Tights £6.99

Shearer Rhubarb and Raspberry Candle £9.94

Personlised Sliver Spoon £19.99

Gold Infinity Love Heart Necklace £35.99

Whispering Angel Cotes De Provence Rose 2021 £19.99

Gift Republic | Your Got This Inspirational Quotes £4.99

NEWGO®Cooling Reusable Eye Mask £9.99

Perfectly Imperfect Jumper | Self Love Sweatshirt £24.99

Dove | Winter Love 3 Piece Relaxing Gift Set £21.25

Valentines Novelty Cute Donut Mug £9.40

Love Yourself First By Jennifer Clarke £9.66

ELEMIS | Superfood Midnight Face Moisturiser £40

Knock Knock | What I Love about You Fill in the Love Journal £7.53

Scentered Love | Aromatherapy Balm Stick £16.90

Psychic Sisters Love Candle £21.94

Dried Flower Bouquet | Dried Pampas Grass & Bunny Tails £22.99

This Works Great In Bed Gift Set £31.95

Find Your True Voice | Emmy Brunner £11.60

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