Noughty Haircare To The Rescue

Want to use hair care and styling products that are not only vegan and cruelty-free, but also made using 97% natural ingredients?! Well you are in luck and you get to break the rules with Noughty haircare.

Noughty offers 11 ranges that work on all different hair types. So you’re sure to find your perfect hair care hero. Since there’s a multitude of different ranges, I thought that I would only talk about their most popular ranges and products otherwise, it might take me until the end of June to write about each one individually.

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Noughty ‘Wave Hello’ Range

Are your unruly curls in need of some discipline, try out the Nougthy Wave Hello range – from primers to taming creams. This range has been carefully crafted to define, as well as control disobedient curls – it’s long over due to say goodbye to bad curl days, instead your curls will be ready-carpet-ready!

Happily send the frizz and flyaways packing with this ultra-nourishing formulation that will smooth down the hair for a much more defined style that feels weightless. But what’s even better, is that this range doesn’t contain any unnatural nasties like; parabens, mineral oils or sulphates whilst still maintaining a cruelty-free status.

Noughty | Hello Curl Primer £9.99

Say hello to silky soft and super-conditioned curls, waves, and coils, with this lightweight curl primer. This multi-functional spray can be used to prime curls and coils to give serious definition, or worn alone to create effortless beachy waves. Apply again between washes, to breathe new life into rebellious curls. The 97% natural formula contains Noughty’s curl optimizing QuinOxy, blended with sea kelp extract and shea butter, to define and add hold. Prepare to be the subject of serious curl envy.

Noughty | Wave Hello Shampoo £7.99

Gently cleanse hair while restoring moisture, to soften and define curls. This 97% natural formula contains vitamin-rich sea kelp extract and avocado oil, to help keep curls defined, silky soft, and super-conditioned. Wave hello to your best curl days yet.

Noughty | ‘Wave Hello’ Curl Defining Conditioner £7.99

Wave hello to super-conditioned, silky-soft, defined curls with this best-selling, 97% natural conditioner. Vitamin-rich sea kelp extract and avocado oil help keep curls defined, silky soft, and super-conditioned.

Noughty | Wave Hello Curl Taming Cream £7.99

Wave hello to stand out curls, coils, kinks, and waves with this conditioning, curl defining cream. Noughty’s unique, QuinOxy curl optimising formula puts you in control of your curls and tames pesky frizz. The 97% natural formal is packed with vitamin-rich sea kelp extract and avocado oil, to help keep curls defined, silky soft, and super-conditioned.

Noughty | Wave Hello Curl Butter 3-In-1 Treatment £9.99

Wave hello to nourished, stronger curls and coils with the 3-in-1 heavy hitter butter designed to work as a conditioner, hair mask and/or leave in treatment. A hit of intense hydration for curly and textured hair (finer hair beware!) to improve hair’s strength, elasticity and resistance.

Noughty ‘To The Rescue’ Range

Do you feel like your hair needs a little bit of rescuing with nourishments but without any of the nasties? Well, why not try Noughty’s ‘To The Rescue’ ranges. It combines a mix of all the must-have hair care essentials which are specifically made with tackling dry and damaged hair types in mind.

Noughty ‘To The Rescue’ Serum £8.99

Create a super sleek finish and protect hair from heat, with this nourishing, moisture-boosting styling serum. Provides heat protection up to 220C, shielding hair from heat damage whilst amping up the shine for a sleek, polished finish. Powered by a super-quenching blend of 97% natural ingredients, including sweet almond extract and argan oil. It’s your knight in shining armour.

Noughty ‘Thristy Aid’ Conditioning & Detangling Spray £7.99

Triumph in the battle against tangles, dryness, and splits, with this thirst-quenching mist of moisture. The 97% natural, lightweight formula is powered by a super-quenching blend, including sweet almond extract and argan oil, to infuse locks with hydration.

Noughty ‘To The Rescue’ Intense Moisture Treatment £9.99

Noughty’s best-selling, deeply hydrating hair mask contains a gloriously rich formula of blended oils, which transforms even the driest of manes. Comes charging to the rescue to hydrate, restructure and transform hair in distress. This 97% natural formula is packed with sweet almond and black oat extracts to aid in improving hairs’ elasticity.

Nought ‘To The Rescue’ Moisture Boost Shampoo £7.99

Gently cleanse hair while replenishing lost moisture, with this intensely moisturising shampoo for dry, damaged locks. The gentle 97% natural formula cleanses without stripping, for the perfect fairytale ending. Powered by a super-quenching blend including sweet almond and sunflower seed extract.

Nought ‘To The Rescue’ Moisture Boost Conditioner £7.99

Be your own knight in shining armour with To The Rescue Conditioner for dry or damaged hair. Enriched with sweet almond extract, olive oil and coconut & shea butter, this nourishing conditioner is your noble steed to help achieve healthier, happier hair. This moisture matriarch will leave you with the fairest hair in all the kingdom.

Noughty ‘Care Taker’ Range

Is your scalp sensitive? Do you find it hard to seek a good haircare range that is scalp-focused? Well, with Noughty you have met your match, as they understand that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. This range uses up to 97% natural ingredients to soothe and nurture even the most sensitive types of skin types whilst still injecting a surge of hydration to dried-out strands. Also, as with all of the other noughty ranges, the Care Taker collection is cruelty-free and banishes the like of parabens and sulphates.

Noughty ‘Care Taker’ Scalp Tonic £9.99

Sensitive scalps need a little extra care. This leave-on treatment instantly relieves dry, irritated or itchy scalps. The fragrance-free, 97% natural formula contains calming and soothing bisabolol and oat extract, to provide rapid relief. Suitable for wet or dry hair as it absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy or sticky residue.

Noughty ‘Care Taker’ Conditioner £7.99

The beloved Care Taker Conditioner deeply conditions to hydrate and soothe sensitive and dandruff prone scalps, for the loving care you deserve. This 97% natural formula contains Bisabolol and oatmeal extract, with anti-irritant and scalp soothing properties, to help leave your scalp feeling super soothed.

Noughty ‘Care Taker’ Unscented Conditioner £7.99

This 97% natural shampoo instantly relieves dry, itchy and sensitive scalps – now with no added fragrance. Contains bisabolol and oatmeal extract, with anti-irritant and scalp soothing properties, to help leave your scalp feeling super soothed. Down the sensitivity, up the attitude.

Noughty ‘Care Taker’ Unscented Scalp Smoothing Shampoo £6.99

Sensitive souls need a little extra care. This Noughty Care Taker Fragrance Free Shampoo helps to relieve sensitive, dry and itchy scalps and is gentle enough for the whole family. Oatmeal and bisabolol extracts help leave your scalp feeling super-soothed. Give your hair the tender loving care it deserves.

Noughty ‘Care Taker’ Scalp Treatment Mask £9.99

For the tender loving care you deserve. 97% natural formula is gentle enough even for those dry, itchy and dandruff prone scalps. The Noughty Care Taker Scalp Relief Treatment Mask is enriched Olive oil, bisabol and oatmeal extracts work to add moisture whilst soothing and calming irritated scalps. Down the sensitivity. 

Noughty ‘Little Saviour’ Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap £9

The Noughty Little Saviour Microfibre Hair Towel is a highly absorbent microfibre towel for all hair types. Kiss goodbye to static and breakage from regular towels. This highly absorbent towel is made from luxurious, super-soft microfibre, to quickly absorb moisture, speed up drying time and help to reduce static and breakage. Regular towels have rough fibres which can enhance friction, this super fine microfibre combats pesky frizz and fly-always. With speedy hair drying, you can save on blow drying time reducing the risk of heat damage.

Noughty UK

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