Snog, Marry, Avoid: Skincare Edition

The good old skincare marketing, always know how to play us.

All of us have probably lost count at how many times we have been fooled by the wild claims and TikTok hype but amongst the overrated formulas and viral regrets we have discovered out fair share of keepers along the way.

From essentials that we love and reach for on a daily basis to the fail that i made so you won’t have too (you live and learn girls!), here is a look at products that i love, would walk down the aisle for and would 100% aviod. 

Snog: Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Cucumber And Green Tea

My favourite part of my skincare routine has to be this spritz. It makes my face feel so lovely and soft in the morning when your skin is in need of a little pick me up as well as in the evening when you super tired and is in need of something quick and easy that can help to refresh and sort out your complexion. I have oily skin and finding something can moisture without leaving an oil firm can be a task in itself, but when i found this i immediately fell in love with it – it moisturises, hydrates whilst still keeping a matter look, plus it also creates a lovely clean base. It lasts for ages, super affordable and is alway something i repurchase as soon a i run out! Shop Here

Marry: REN Clean Skincare Gentle Cleasing Gel

If you are going to get married it’s really worth investing in something that you can rely on, which is exactly how i feel about with this cleanser. I must amind that i don’t alway stock up on this, but every time i use it i am reminded that there is no other cleanser compared to this one – it’s great at removing scraps of make up and balancing the complexion. Shop Here

Avoid: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wash Foam

I’ve heard wonderful things about tea tree products over the years, so i thought i would try it out but i found that it made my skin dry out despite my oily complexion – when looking at the ingredients i found that the product contained quite few drying ingredients; which is probably where i went wrong. It may be better used on troublesome/oily areas but definitely not all over.  Shop Here

Snog: i.m.i.m. Restroative Eye Serum 

If you’ve been lookig around for a good all-rounder eye serum that is also value for money, then i would recommend trying the ordinary eye serum. It has a watery texture and also a very cooling touch when you’ve applied it to the under eye area. It contains EGCG which is in green tea, so it’s an anti-inflammatory (great for puffy eyes) as well as antioxidants (ideal for dark circles).  Shop Here

Marry: e.l.f. Happy Hydration Cream

I love a good moisturiser for the morning. It’s super light and refreshing, as well as being oil-free too which is lovely for someone who has oily skin. It aslo makes your skin feel hydrate, without leaving behind an oily-film.  Shop Here

Avoid: CeraVe Foaming Cleanser

I would say that this facial cleanser is okay, not the most amazing product as i think it took too much oil and sebum from the skin. So if you have really, really oil skin ten it will most probably work best for you, but if you have oily/normal skin type then i would say only use it as a once a day cleanser instead of twice a day!  Shop Here

What are your favourite skincare products?

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