25 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Lately i have been sharing blog post idea and today’s post no different. I love anything beauty, so i wanted to share 25 beauty blog post hopefully this will help to inspire future posts.

Here are a few blog ideas….

  1. What products are you currently using?
  2. What products have you tired lately? and you hated?
  3. Travel beauty essentials.
  4. How do you style your hair everyday?
  5. Your skincare routine.
  6. Your favourite product for the month.
  7. Have you tired any popular products? Were they worth the hype?
  8. Everyday makeup routine.
  9. Hauls from different stores or brands.
  10. Beauty lessons or tips that you swear by.
  11. Favourite scent for the season.
  12. Beauty wish list.
  13. Your lazy day/weekend essentials.
  14. Your evening pamper essentials.
  15. Drugstore product that’s worth checking out.
  16. What makeup or beauty mistakes did you used to make? and how did you fix them?
  17. Beauty tips for a teenage or someone just starting out with makeup.
  18. Beauty bits not usually talked about [dental hygiene,what’s in your shower, beauty items in your purse other than make up bag, etc.]
  19. Best products for your hair type.
  20. Nail polish picks for the season.
  21. Compare two similar beauty products.
  22. your favourite hair styling tools
  23. your favorite self-tanning products.
  24. Make up trends you love.
  25. Make up trends you hate.

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