4 Truly Dreamy Haircuts That Are Trending This Spring 2023

A new season means a new haircut. So, whether you’re wanting something dramatic or a cute little update to what you’re already rocking! You’ll be happy to know that in this blog post, I’ve lined up 4 spring haircut trends that you should keep on your watchlist. From the box bob to the curly bob, there is just something so dreamy about a fresh chop to start the spring off with.

Box Bob

The classic box bob features a sharper, squared-off shape with blunt ends, clean lines and no layers. Also, to get the full effect, the best cut around the jaw, or above the shoulders, plus it can create the illusion of extra thickness.

The ‘C’ Cut

The ‘C’ shaped haircut features a softer ‘U’ shape through the lengths, layers and face framing pieces. This haircut is a progression of the heavy ‘70s and 90s’, is basically the revival of the The Rachel, but a lot more softer and isn’t as heavy on the face framing.

Instead it gives you a much more rounded, but still balances haircut whilst still being fun, stylish and easy to do. Whereas the ‘V’ cut is a hair cut that goes to a point. Also the bonus is that it make you hair look thicker too!

Short Cuts

Short cuts are become huge in 2023, from pixie cuts to really short bobs. I think it because having a fresh new hair cut, gives you the okay to press the reset buttons on life after have a challenging life moments.

Are you over the long hair? Well, why not take the leap and got for the chop! Short is a classic haircut but yet stylish and a real head turner. You could opt for a really short, square bob or a updated pixie cut with soft layers and cropped fringe which will never go out of date.


You didn’t think that I could have forgotten about layers, did you?! They still remain the single biggest hair trend going right now and there are also so many hairstyles going viral including; butterfly cut, wolf cut and variations of the shag and mullet.

Something even better about this hairstyle is that it can be tailored to your preference and style, whether that’s more minimal and low-key, a shaggy and sleek chop (90’s Rachel layers) or a voluminous (70’s flick) which is going strong.

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